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Today I started thinking seriously about going back to work on this project of mine, and thanks to a friend who gave me tips for building a plot, I made up my mind about some things.

I want to still keep everything a secret until I come up with a decent storyline (at the moment my situation is disastrous). I created the main characters back in April, but redrawing them now makes them look completely different. I guess my style has developed.. but I'm currently undergoing a crisis (for short: I can't draw).

However, I can't call it a preview, but here's still a doodle of one of the characters.


He looks way older than when I drew him the first time lol. I wonder if someone can actually recognize him.
And that is all for this update. I might update soon with more info, or sketches (maybe).
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sexy man |DDD

Haha bby, do not worry it will pass ;___; (I have been in the exactly SAME situation as yours, I feel like my style is changing and it scares the shit out of me)

... Otherwise, I love him. FUFUFU I'M SO GLAD TO KNOW WHAT IS THE PLOT 8---D

And seriously, he is looking even more handsome (awesome) MAN. I BELIEVE THAT THE STYLE CHANGE YOU ARE CURRENTLY LIVING can be a nice thing happening.
[2010/09/04 23:43] URL | K★R #- [ Edit ]
AHH DON'T BLEED /gives tissue

Yeah.. I don't think the style change is bad but it's so distant from what I would have wanted it to be years ago.. maybe it's because my tastes changed too.
But I hope I will be able to be flexible enough to draw both manly and realistic and moe (lol).

THANK YOU I should be working more on this project but the plot is so hard to arrange (it's probably me who sucks at stories).
[2010/09/22 04:52] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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