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Back and Paris
Hey~ I've been back for a while but I was lazy enough to be unable to post anything. I've really been lazying around since when I got back from Paris.

★ I spent two full weeks in my aunt's place mostly doing nothing, going shopping, stealing boutiques catalogs and taking pictures of the neighborhood's cats. For the exception of two days, that I spent in Monaco and in Milan.

★ Right when I got back I rushed to Rome to take the interview and to register for the comic school I'm going to start attending in October (it's like a dream coming true.. but my parents are still not that happy and I am surely going to have some troubles in the future..)

★ After that, I went back to do nothing. It's actually because my plans for taking a table in next con went to smoke (the con canceled the space it usually gave to artists), so I don't have to work on gadgets anymore.

★ I got a poupèegirl account! So you can lurk my irl closet. If you have a poupèe and feel like adding me just go to my home.

As for Paris! I won't write a full report because it would be long like crazy. I went there with my aunt and, in a week, we menaged to visit more places that what was humanly possible (in fact each evening our feet and backs hurt like bitches).
Anyway, there are the most noticeable things we saw!


The Citroën exposition palace in the Champs-Élysées: it was gorgeous beyond imagination! I was stunned when I entered it and looked above me. Each round platform is rotating and has a car on it. Whoever designed this is a true genius: every corner of that place is full of interesting pictures, even the stairs and the walls, the last floor is a Sky Garden, where you can relax and have a snack, not to mention the whole palace architecture, outward appearance included.


This was one of the entertaining things in it, a blackboard where anyone can write (lol notice the pikachu).


Facepalm. Got in the Tuileries gardens (which are huge like everything else in this city). I thought it was epic.


Cheesecake! There was an all-cheesecake cafè around Blanche. The sweets they made looked delicious~


Obligatory Tour Eiffel picture. Seeing sun set over the tower was breathtaking. Look at the light coming down from those clouds. This picture was taken by the Montparnasse Tower, a panoramic high palace close to Tour Eiffel.

On Friday I got to meet Kiwishu! We visited the Louvre together, had a little time to sketch in its beautiful huge Cour rooms, and then went to look for the Japanese library Junku.


The inside of this library could give multiple orgasms to any lover of Japanese culture, it has two floors of godly books, manga, artbooks, items, anythingyoucouldwant.
Fact is that, while Kiwi was looking at the artbooks, I started looking around into the BL section, mostly to laugh at the bishie covers. I really wasn't expecting to accidentally find the sequel to my favourite manga (and truly, my very favourite one). I think I panicked a little for the surprise and because I was too embarassed to ask the price (so much that I had Kiwi do it for me OTL).
In the end I bought it- you can't imagine how happy and giggling I was after.

koi ja naikedo

Eheh here is the infamous manga in all its gorgeousness. I'd recommend it if you like BL, I totally fell in love with it. But since the first volume, Kirai Ja Nai Kedo, is the spin-off for Warui Koto Shitai, you should start from that one (which you can easily find on Mangafox).


Jim Morrison's grave in the Père Lachaise Cemetery. The cimitery was very close to the place we were staying at, so we walked to it on Sunday morning, right before leaving. I saw the graves of other important people too, like Chopen, Wilde, Delacroix, Proust etc., but looking for them was very hard, even with a map. The cemetery was kind of like a maze ;;

★ I need to say that even if I had previously visited Paris when I was little, it's been like vising it for the first time. The huge spaces and countless beautiful places of this city really caught my heart, and now I understand why so many people call it the capital of Europe.
To end it, here is a picture of me and my aunt in the National Museum of Natural History gardens, saying Bounjour to you all.

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