Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
I feel so tired!

/insert pointless story

It all started when a classmate asked me to draw the invite for her 18th birthday. She wanted no complicated thing so I accepted.
It's true that I've been procastinating for a log time over it, even if I had the base sketch but today during class the most of the girls were gathered chatting about dresses and waxing (lol) and the birthday. They suddenly called me and asked about the invite.
I felt kinda uneasy having all those accusing stares on me, no, in truth, it was freakish. I tried to come up with some exuses like "I had no time ..& you know, Physics.." but I didn't sound convinced.
It's not the girl herself but the other ones. Another girl claimed "you should tell us if you won't do it, so we'll get organized" with a very not nice fake tone.
They asked me if I could do it by tomorrow and I replied that I could. "Ah, so you can eh?".

I mean, girl, your birthday is freaking 6 June there's freaking time.

They invite came out kinda good I think. I hope they will like and not criticize for once.
It's the glory of pinkish and girlish and sugary whoa


So yeah now I feel really stressed and I need porn
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they should be grateful to you for doing it, not complaining, I mean, it's a favour, they didn't pay for it or something, so it's mean of them ;A; especially since her birthday will be in june =3=
but anyway, the invite looks very cute, I like the girl in the front <3v-238
[2009/05/12 04:55] URL | Jun #- [ Edit ]
I ruly hope no one will complain, or I might even feel guilty for doing it OTL
Thank you Jun <33 Ahh I have to ask you so many questions I missed you much! Sorry if I'm not very active on DA recently
[2009/05/12 14:40] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
whyyyy why would they complain!? ;A; it's so cuuuteee <333

D< its not very nice of them to complain when the birthday is all the way in JUNE
[2009/05/12 14:56] URL | billies #- [ Edit ]
Because I was late, she told me to do it about a month ago ;v;
and mine doens't look as good as the studios who use lots of brushes, but at least it's unique.
I think she liked it when she saw it today tho
thanks billie <3
[2009/05/12 15:01] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
aww, I missed you too a lot! <3 and no problem, I've been very busy in the past month too, because of the final exams and stuff T3T so no problem, I understand it. :)

by the way, I love the pirate drawings too *3* I'm writing a story about pirates with my sisters, so I have a soft spot for them :D (I mean the pirates, not my sisters XD)
[2009/05/13 04:55] URL | Jun #- [ Edit ]
I stiil have to finish school but by the end of May i should be completely free <3 I'd like to pchat with you sometimes
How was you finals? And I never had the chance to ask you about your mother's trip in Neaples, how was it?

I have this friend who is really into pirates and she impired me~ and I've always love pirates since I was little v-238
I want to listen to your story when you've finsihed it~
[2009/05/13 05:04] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
late reply again, sorry ;A; I was out of the town.
They really enjoyed the trip, and were very thankful for the useful information you gave them! They especially liked Sorrento but unfortunately they couldn't go to Amalfi because the plane to Italy was late 12 hours D: (the achievement of the wonderful Hungarian airport... I remember we had to wait several hours when we went to Paris, too, because the airport staff was on strike... even the TV wanted to interview us XD) but all in all, they liked it a lot <3 Looking at the pictures they made, I really wish I was able to go with them too, but I had to prepare for the exams, so I couldn't D:

I don't know how did they go, because I still don't have the guts to check the answers. XD The results will be announced in the beginning of June... but I feel now that most of them were okay, the English and the Maths were fairly easy, but the History was hard ;A; and... I have no idea about the Hungarian exam, when we practiced in class, I always thought they were good and then I got low percentages :-/

Pchatting would be nice! <3 I only did it once so far, but I would love to try it again :D

oh, that's very nice! I love pirates a lot too *.* ever since I read a novel from Celia Rees, I want to write a story about pirates... so, I don't know too much about it now, just the four main characters, but I'll write about them when I draw a picture of them~ which will hopefully happen soon. Thanks for your interest <3

and how about your pirate characters? Are they just OCs or do they have a seperate story? I'd love to know it as well :D

my comment is getting too long again, sorry, so I'll finish it now XD
[2009/05/21 05:27] URL | Jun #- [ Edit ]
Ah it's no problem I always reply late too (I still have to reply some of your msgs on DA sorry ;v;)

12 hours? wow.. that's really a lot of time ;A; and the company didn't compensate for the damages?

Aw i know that happens a lot to me for Latin and recently Maths (because I usually know I was crap in it but this time I though I did well.. unfortunately not.)

Just tell me when you have time <3 oh but I don't have a takamin/rakugaki pchat room tho, we could borrow it from somebody else who wants to join perhaps~

Mh yep they are OCs from another story, and cept Lucas, they aren't really my character (I helped creating them and I'm usually the only one who draw them). We decided a long time ago to write a story together, since two of use can draw and each one of us can write pretty well (meh.. made exception for me).
Actually it's all my fault, the one who dragged them in this is me in the first place, I probably should have know they had no time and would probably get tired of it in a short time.
The main story (school life-based) went down for no true develpment, and I used Lucas for my personal interests (hoho this sounds ambiguous) and proceed to creat AU stories to keep on their interest but we harly ever hear each other anyway..
and yep this is a sad story I shall not go on.
[2009/05/22 10:59] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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