Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
praise pierokun for my titles
I survived last week with an average in theoric Maths.. I should be happy but I think it could have been better (too many thing to remember OTL). I'm really good at exercises tho! I hope I we can have a test soon so I can actually take a better grade.

This weekend I'm going to attend a con here and the rovery Yuumei and Glacmer are coming over to my place! I'm so excided ;;
I can't wait for it and I'm sure it's gonna be awesome, since there's a lot of people I know coming. I really hope we can menage to be all together, even if it's a little difficult. I'm not sure if I'm going to cosplay though.. I still have my Yui cosplay (even if I lack the gitah now OTL), but I really wanted A MAX HAT. I hope I can find the time to make one myself this week.

BTW I'm working on a secret project which I'm really grateful to can partecipate into, since everyone in it is so godly. Somehow it pressures me a little.
Some preview sketch of one of the characters-


I'm still squeezing my brain for plot ideas.

Going to sleep and read a bit more of a little novel book I found today, Voltaire's Le Blanc et le Noir. When I'm done with this I'll probably start some Philophy classic, maybe something from Nietsche or Kierkegaard. I want to be able to read a lot before my finals orz
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duckie~ =)
i happened to feel that way very often too!! T^T
after i saw my scores, i always hope i can do better, i now i can, but sadly i didn't.. so i ends up regretting, and that's no good.. T^T
should've study better in the first place..otl..

anyway, good luck on your project!
[2010/04/28 05:54] URL | Callolita #- [ Edit ]
Hi there, Callolita! <3
Y-yeah you're completely right.. sometimes after I've spent the whole afternoon studying I just want to give up even if I know that if I studied more I could do better but OTL
I really dislike "studying", I really wish I could learn things without worrying about grades.

Thank you!
[2010/05/02 22:53] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
duckie, i couldn't agree more with you! D8
but my noliday is already started, so i guess at least i can rest my brain from that studying for a long while.. :)

well, like people once said, studying = student dying
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