Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
I did actually die
Updating after a month and half of hiatus from pretty much the whole internet OTL
March has been an absurdely busy month. I had to survive extra classes from 5pm to 8pm three times a week for a philosophy course that literally killed my brain. I also had school to attend, tests and work to complete.. I soon got sleep deprived and spent the first half of April resting and keeping studying for my Maths test last week.
I succeded in it and was so happy! But I have kinda been passing out this week. Thankfully school it's not that heavy now that my classroom is on a trip to Wien (which I skipped since I've already been there this summer).

Now, I think I really did die after all. I have the bad habit to not look at myself in the mirror when I go out for school in the early morning. I have been feeling weird the whole time, my stomach felt unwell as if my guts had twisted and it gave me quite some pain.
When I came back from there my mom pointed out that I had two shadows of an unhealthy purple shade under my eyes.
I went to look at myself and I actually resembled a corpse.


I had a two hours nap but it resulted in me waking up very disoriented. My stomach is still in a mess but at least the eye sockets have faded a little.

Maybe I am stressing myself a little bit too much.
I am also sort of depressed about the fact that I haven't been drawing as freely as once. I also haven't CGed or done any kind of complete picture since the beginning of the year.. so I can't add anything to my portfolio.

By the way, I am currently working on my first website! The html is giving me some trouble but it will be hopefully be complete soon.
The hardest part about it was choosing a title, I couldn't find one I liked OTL
Maybe it was also because I didn't have a clear idea about the site at first. Some days ago I remembered about this old project called no sound: STEEL CITY and decided to finally call it that.
Here is a sketch for a possible top picture. It is actually a remake of a very old sketch for the same project.

nosound sketch

It's just the concept so the lines are very messy and unrefined. I have just been doing a lot of incomplete concepts recently..
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