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The last 5 days were very eventful! I've spent a really nice long-weekend with Glac and really had a fun time on Valetine with my friends in Rome! At first I was kinda down because I was so tired before leaving on Saturday.. I even had some troubles with my train tickets because I was too careless.
Glac came at my place on Monday and we stayed together till yesterday. We also had a lot of fun on Mardi Gras! My sister held a party at our house with some of our friends, and we stayed up till late doing stupidities and laughing till we suffocated LOL;;;;
There have been some recent things that made me really sad.. I still feel quite blank, as if I didn't know what I ought to think.

But leaving aside those things, I have very nice moments, and they are helping me in keeping up when I got back to my daily life.
I am again very tired and got a cold, but I'm doing some work fixing my online accounts, like Tegaki.
I've deleted almost all of my gallery yesterday, now it's quite empty, but I thought that was better than changing account.

Duckie on Tegaki E

Hopefully i'll be drawing often! I really miss drawing on tegaki.
Oh, I have a secret sketch account too, I wonder if anyone is able to find it hurr hurr.

And to end this (I gotta do Maths ;;;) some highlights of the weekend!


Our friend hugging/drinking a human Guinnes Beer! He even proposed to it. It's been quite an epic moment.


Glac's boyfriend. It's quite obvious who drew i---/IS HIT


Glac's serious toy panda. Milla named him Manfredi. Glac also has some other funny toys like a bear dressed up as a panda and a mouse and frog we rispectively named Merlin and Arthur because of resemblance LOL

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Shall i stop being so gay

[2010/02/18 11:57] URL | Milla #- [ Edit ]
/google translates

"Panda-chan (chan Manfuredji) is it is really cute! !

Dzukie chan, good good good good Daisuki ╮ | ✿ ^ ▽ ^|!!!"

Dzuckie. Aw. The grammar is hurting my eyes.

It's ok, there's gayness all over my blog already.
[2010/02/18 12:19] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
u-uwahh~ tegakie ;u; i miss that place~
need to draw on there again sometime orz

sounds like you had a fun week ^U^/
[2010/02/20 20:44] URL | billies #- [ Edit ]
I think so too Billies! We should get back on Tegaki ;u;

Yep, but this one week now is gonna be terrible sob
[2010/02/22 06:25] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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