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Xmas week
I'm really enjoying my staying here in Sanremo. It was a long train trip till here (almost ten hours) and it got me very tired. It's been a pretty hard xmas for Europe this year because of the weather, it snowed all over Italy, and most of the train stations in the north are snowy white. Thankfully my train didn't get here with much delay! Since Italian rail transports are like, so awesome, I was very worried it would have never arrived.
The weather has been pretty hard on the city too. It's been heavily raining all this week, and since Sanremo's right on the coast, there have been landslides and damages.
They also told me it actually hardly ever rains this long here. This must be payback for not getting any rain last xmas in London.
Despite this we got to have some sunny mornings, like today, and that makes me glad since we're going to France this afternoon. I've been in this part of France more than once but this is the first time in winter hurr. Imhappy.

Guess what santa brougth me? A cute hat and a soft warm pijama hoodie (they were from my aunt <3 I love her so much).
I went around shopping a little even with the rain, bought some xmas card I'll post on Monday ;u;
I also have to take care of my 8-years-old smart but terribly spoiled little cousin. She always follows me around and bothers me but it's fine to stay with her. She's interested in learning and I taught her a lot of things about literature and geography, but she also sulks a hella lot, being the self-righteous brat she is, and since I'm really bad at dealing with kids, I can't really help.

We had a very delicious christmas dinner~ Gnocchi, fried squids, mashed potatoes and.. and I can't really remember what else sob


They were so yummy ♥♥ We're gonna have more today hurr

Today's sunny, so I went on the terrace to take some pics, I hope the weather stays like this at least for today.


From tomorrow, I'll have to concentrate on studying /looks at piles of textbooks and sobs
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asjdkf;l YUMMY *Q*
i wanna see your hat! teehee~

that place looks really pretty ;///; it seems like you had a lot of fun!~
[2009/12/30 09:05] URL | billies #- [ Edit ]
I'm gonna have gnocchi again *uu* They're good mmmh

Maybe I'll post some pics of my hat collection someday lol

Yep I'm getting pretty relaxed.. even if I'm having nightmares of my Maths teacher almost every night SOB ;___;
I'm sad the holidays are gonna end soon..
[2010/01/02 03:43] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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