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This is for Alessia. I happened to sketch Richard while I was in class and I thought the picture was worthy enought to be colored ♥

je taime_ale

Consider it as a present for all the events we weren't able to celebrate (like your birthday) ♥
I also have some more hot relevat stuff you could be interested in cough NatexRich cough.

Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna have a hell of a week. Not because of school actually, since I succedeed in all my examinations (cept Maths), but it will be indeed very busy.
I will be leaving on the 20th for Nothern Italy and I'm not sure if I'll be able to access to internet often (or using tablet). This means I gotta finish all necessary things this week. I need to draw for the magazine, draw secret santas, finish commission, draw presents for people, plus I was invited to two different parties, I got afternoon activities, and so on..
Wish me good luck bbes.
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baww that sounds like a ton of work ;3;
I hope you'll enjoy your holiday, and congratulations on your successful exams <3
[2009/12/17 16:04] URL | Jun #- [ Edit ]
I really liked your drawings *-*
[2009/12/21 06:34] URL | Sakuma-san #- [ Edit ]
@Sakuma: aw thank you ;u;

@Jun: Thank you Jun! I hope you succeded your exams too!
Holidays are sadly near to their end sob
[2010/01/02 03:50] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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