Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
Piece of cake
To apologize for long absence, in the last weeks I have:
- worked her ass off on Maths, and ended up doing horrible in the test
- hurt her leg muscles and stayed in bed for three days OTL
- got stuck on Air Gear hurr
- had moar homeworks
- had afternoon activies at school for the whole last week
- went to stay at Glacmer's place for the weekend ♥

..and I'm now in troubles with Physics homeworks.
Seriously, even if I menage to understand the textbook, the amount of info I should know is impossible to handle with my weak memory SOB
I have a major examination on Thrusday and I'M DEEPLY SCARED.
I'm afraid that the best I can do isn't even enough for an average result (like in Maths).
Thinking about the things I have to study for the upcoming year, I feel like I wanna die.
On top of that I have English test tomorrow ;;;

So, I stayed at Glacmer's ;u; she and her family are so nice! I had an heavenly time ♥♥
We walked around the city, had shopping, I ate at the chinese's for the first time in my life lol and we drew stuff. She's so cuddly( >∀<)


Here's some cheesecake we had on Saturday ♥

Now I'm not gonna have holidays till Xmas, when I'll be staying at my aunt's in North-West Italy.
I wanna finish all my drawings and xams gifts soon ;A;
But to do so, I must succeed in this week examination!

I don't know if I'll menage to upload often, so here's a sketch I made some days ago.
I'm probably not gonna complete it tho, no time..

Careful. It's naughty.
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