Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
Jack o' lantern
Yound people tend to look all the same.. all the girls wear the same clothes and have the same anorexic bodies that can barely stand on high heels.
They lack indivuality, sensibility and even topic to talk about in a discussion.

I don't want to have to deal with people like that anymore :(

I wish there could be a place where I can make friends with nice people at parties.

There was something good at the party yesterday though, the place had a cool retro atmosphere and the bar had these cute pumpkin lanterns.


Hallowen is saturday and I still don't feel like it's coming.
I should make some themed picture this year.
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yayyyy jackolanterns ^O^
i love those <3

lol its hard for me to make friends at parties;;; i'm not the partying type ahahaha

yes u should make a themed picture ;o;b

and omg your link banners are so cute *O* i-i should have place to put link banners efff
[2009/10/28 13:50] URL | billies #- [ Edit ]
Yeah they're cute and so halloween-ish *u*

Urgh.. I don't really like parties either, but it was a friend's birthday OTL

Aw you noticed them? I actually had an hard time choosing non-crappy pictures ;;
People should make one of their blog, so I could put up banners instead of a list of links *u*
[2009/11/11 10:45] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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