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Back to life
My cold got a lot better now~
I went to school today, even if i had some troubles with the subjects I didn't know about because of my absence yesterday OTL Later it also rained a lot, but thankfully I brought the umbrella with me ;u;
School is being very boring, I wish I had a week of vacations before leaving, on next friday.

Waiting for me at home there was A LOT of pizza! /happy
My mom made Pizza with scarola, margherita pizza, calzone, and one of my sister's new creations (that contains wurst and cream.. I swear, it looks hella weird but has a good taste).

Here is a picture I took of pizza with scarola (curly endive), it's one of my very favourites ♥


I couldn't take pictures of the other ones because they were already finished when I took the camera ;;; (we're an hungry family lol;;)

And now I'm off to finish the top banner and my work for the magazine (it looks liek there's still time!).

I'll live a picture of a colour pencil drawing I made for Jun (I'll send it when I find some calm time to write her a letter).


It's my ideal winter outfit ♥
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omg close up of ur picture plz? T_T
buti can tell its you ahah~!

i'm happy u feel better now ;u; /huuug
[2009/10/23 07:55] URL | billies #- [ Edit ]
PIZZA *U* all this pizza talking made me hungry for pizza again~

I'll scan it soon! I also made a postcard-size copic picture of Felipe for you but I think it doesn't look that good ;_;
I'm sorry everything i send you looks crap sob
And that's supposed to be Jun wearing my favourite outfit since she drew me the opposite ;u;

/hugs back
I'm perfectly healthy again!
[2009/10/23 08:06] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
why didn't I see this earlier? ;A; the picture looks so sweet!
I wonder what happened to the letter, it still hasn't arrived at the dorms. I asked the receptionist about it but he said there was no letter for me :C
I hope the letter didn't get lost on the way to Hungary :C
[2010/01/06 19:55] URL | Jun #- [ Edit ]
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