Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
I completely abandoned the blog sob. I can't do a thing in this hot weather, it's helpless.
So many things have happened that i'd like to talk about, but everytime i tried to get on the computer, it was either slow or suffering, and it often crashed.
After a long-postponed back-up, I spent all Saturday's night saving my data and stuff, and finally asked my dad to format the pc. Seems like he had to work on its own tho, and the reset was delayed for two days OTL
But finally! It looks like it's fine now, it still hasn't made weird pained sounds and good things came:

  • My pc is now faster, cleaner and more efficient
  • It doesn't take 15 minutes to be ready when i turn it on, bur only a few minutes *u*
  • Firefox doesn't log me out each time i close it *u*
  • SAI works just fine

and also some well.. not-so-good things:

  • klsdfkjhsdf Windows Live Messenger 2009 which made me spend two days on removing it and installing old version. I finally made it but it looked like a mission impossible. I really hate the new version.
  • I lost all my emoticons on there, there were really some cool ones /cries
  • I can't custmize the taskbar, there are some new things i don't need that are just getting in my way..

Also I don't know how to arrange my folders now. I think i need some kind of suggestion - how do you people keep your files?
I also realized there was so much stuff on my pc I didn't even needed.

See you soon again with Billies' visit report!
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I'm so glad you're writing your blog again *w* I missed it a lot!
I'm not quite sure if we think of the same thing by arranging folders... but mine is this way: there are a few important big folders on my desktop (it's the most comfortable place and easy to reach the files) but they contain lots of smaller folders in each other so it's like getting through a labyrinth when you want to reach something ;3;
now that I come to think of it... it's not comfortable at all. XD
[2009/07/17 05:13] URL | Jun #- [ Edit ]
LOL I perfectly know what you mean when you speak about folder labyrinths. I arranged them a little bit more comfortably now, first with putting my drawings/artworks in a major folder and not in the depths of the labyrinth XD
Thank you, Jun, I'll do my best to write now, I'm so freakin busy ;u;
[2009/07/19 12:34] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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