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I got back a while ago from the second and last meeting of school journal. The project was really disappointing, the teacher was just another authoritary douchebag and he wanted to assign everyone an artile to edit. Lucky I got to write something on my own because we suggested an article on the infamous Philosophy Olympics.
I was a group article but I kinda wrote everything, trying to ask for opinion to let everybody work, unssuccesfully. In the end we put all our names on it, even if my classmates were just doing nothing or criticizing without helping OTL
Oh dear, let school be over soon.

The fun part was interviewing the two who won/got 4th placed. I also asked my sempai about help with terms and a last review, and we made a little bit fun of teachers in the article/interview. I just hope the old douchebad won't cut those parts, but I'm very positive he will, dammit.
At least I hope he will put this little sketch I drew super fast before going to school


It's the ones who won~ This came out even better than what I expected, even if I rushed it a little. And look~ my writing is understandable!
I didn't have time to sign it tho (I did it now with an unwilling tablet) so eveyone will probably think it was some random googled picture orz

Now I should go and learn Physics but I'm tempted to waste my life on imageboards.
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aw your little political cartoon is so cute~
i like this style of yours too ^^

i wish the ppl in your group are nicer to you tho D<
[2009/05/06 17:49] URL | billies #- [ Edit ]
Thank you Billie <3 yep I like that style too, but it's just a case it came out good since I haven't masterd it well yet

Oh it's ok, I'll bear with them ;v;
[2009/05/07 03:17] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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