Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
Today is summer solstice today the day is longer and the night is shorter here. Exactly one year ago, I was in Germany *nostalgy*

I can't even recall now what I did this week. Maybe it's becausei it's 9 am and I haven't slept this night.
But I don't feel tired and I'm also glad I didn't go to sleep, or I would have waked up really late and even more tired.

It's rained a little and at dawn it was quite chilly outside and the air was filled with a pleasant, fresh smell. I can feel all the dewdrops on the plants and the birds are still singing. Some groups of cloud pass by once in a while, and it means it might rain again today, which makes me really happy (I hope I don't get a cold tho).

Oh and that's the book I'm reading now. It's the 900+ pages masterpiece from Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo. It's written so tiny tho.

I had breakfast (warm brioche with chocolate, a banana and a glass of fresh milk <3) and I''m now planning the things I need to do.
I'm trying to order them in the right way, so that I can accomplish everything as soon as possible.

Then, I need to

  • finish the back up, SRSLY this time. And this means I won't have to lurk on pixiv or imageboads this week D:<
  • finish a pair of wips
  • find all the people I promised collab/trades to and FULLFILL THEM
  • clean my message box in DA and MB
  • Register a paypal account and start commissions
  • (stop listening to De Andrè cos it make me so depressed OTL)

to start tho, I need to draw my entry for this week's challenge (late as always /slapped). I had the pciture in my mind for a long time now but.. I don't feel like drawing it since it would bring back sad memories and it kinda feels inappropriate. /head desk
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hurray for long and exciting books! *3*

in the news I heard there was a big storm in Naples, and some people even suffocated ;_; did it reach your living place too? I hope you're okay <3

good luck with the drawings *w* I can't wait to see more pretty art from you~
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Yep! I'm reading it little by little though cos I want to enjoy it slowly

yep, it's been raining a lot these days and the weather is also pretty cold. I heard some parts of Neaples have been submerged and that's really unlucky since a friend is gonna come over on Thursday! I hope we won't have troubles with metro or train since I some are suspended.

and I though it would have been hot as hell OTL

Thank you! *u*
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