Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
My maths teacher..

kjdslgfkawjer SHE'S... FFFFF.-

A classmate of mine contacts me yesterday telling me our Maths teacher called her saying she's lost the Maths program.

the Maths program I wrote her, which gave me nerves more than once.
and she's lost it.
So she called her favourite pet, who wanted it FROM ME

/head desk

I tried to search the whole house for my USB key but I was unable to find it (I remember putting it somewhere to rest since I though I wouldn't need it for three freaking moths). The file might no longer be on there tho.

And it's no longer on my pc either.
This girl said it was a pity since I'd have to rewrite it.


no way, girl.

SHE lose it, she does her own.
Or you do since she called YOU.

When I though things were settled another friend calls me, all worried because this girl told her to do the program, so she was also looking for the file from me. Seriously.
I told her she didn't have to worry and ranted a little about how unfair this whole thing was.

Then I text messaged lovely teacher's pet saying clearly that I don't have the file, implying it's not my business. thxbye.

I had to stand that girl and the teacher's injustices the whole year, until the. freaking. last. day. and they can't leave me alone EVEN now.


-intermission ends here-

I always try to keep a hold my nerves, but this time I can't help being so upset.
I have to say I'm not that angry as I SHOULD BE about this whole thing.

On a brighter note
while this whole mess was happening, I succeded in finishing a random sketch for R5, and spend some time with my German friends before they left today.
They invited me to their place after their trip to Spain and mine to Austria, and I was so excited!
I was too fast on getting my hopes high since we checked the plane and train fees and they're terribly expensive


I really wish I could go back to Germany.. it is so heavenly there.

Then again, Elissa said she is able to come over on her autumn holidays so I might be able to see her in October.

BTW, thanks to her I've been listening to a lot of Snow Patrol. I knew they were great and loved Chasing Cars, but they songs.. are all so beautiful ;v;

R5 theme: Epic fall 8D

LQ epicfall from the bed
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this is so annyoing, what a careless teacher! :S sometimes if a teacher looses papers here, we just... forget about it. the student doesn't have to write it again or something, that would be really unjust. they should just let you rest, especially since it's summer holiday... so it doesn't matter anymore.

I'm glad you enjoyed your time with your German friends <3 from my experience, Germans are adorable and fun people, totally different from the strict and serious stereotype.
and pic's lovely too! what is this R5 theme thing, btw?
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aw ;A; I'm sure your school work 100x times better than mine OTL
Our teachers are all pretty.. careless. And they're hatefully autoritharian ._.

Yep! they are extremely nice <3
the only thing I noticed that goes along with the stereotype is that they have a low sense of humor.. they consider a lot of things taboos and don't like to joke on them. (even innocent taboos like peeing and pee pee XD).
But since my friends are used to the.. "Italian way" (that jokes even on heavy subjects) they don't mind that much

Ah! R5 is for Round five.
There is a club called Rival Club on MangaBullet where we have challenges every week based on a theme. Having a rival is a great way for improving!
If you have an acconut over there you should try to join us <3
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