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Quick post
I'm quite sorry for letting my blog die for almost a week DD:
It was very busy, and I felt so tired every evening that I hadn't any strenght left to write and went straight to sleep.
As for a brief summary of what I did:

- I kind of failed my maths, cos no matter how hard I tried to learn the formulas I kept forgetting them :\
- I partecipated to a newspaper meeting, one of my school's teacher proposed me as an illustrator after seeing some of my drawings even tho it's a very serius businnes newspaper so I dunno what kind of things I'll be doing :V
- I went to the post office almost everyday to get a paypal account but since my father decided he would take care of it in the end i got a different card OTLLLLL;;;
- The fashion show took place last night and it was inexpectely extremely successeful!
- I started watching Eden of East and it's really good but harrddd to understand
- I got a cold and now I can barely stand

I took a nap this afternoon and I feel slightly better, but I'm still pretty disoriented and it's hard for me to walk around or do things. That's why it's better for me to go to sleep now, if i don't want to make it worse D:

Yeah that's my pijama. Fabolous ain't it? It actually has a cow on its front

I also keep having weird dreams about people I know. I'm not able to tell apart reality from fantasy.
Maybe it's the cold.
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get a lot of rest and be healthy ;o;

your pyjamas are so cute >///<

ooh paypal account *O* are you going to open commissions?

ahhh i still want to see your haircut ;u;
[2009/06/09 21:15] URL | birries #- [ Edit ]
Thank you billie ;v; and yep I already feel a lot better!
ahah I have to admit my pijamas are pretty unique LOL

Yeah x3 if I figure out how to get an account OTL

I'll take photos ;A;''
[2009/06/10 04:03] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
wow, that's great! so you have a job now? I wonder what kind of works will you have to do, it's hard to imagine your moe boys in a business magazine XD but I'm sure you will do great!

does your new hairstyle look good? *.* If it's like in your new drawing - I had a similar style for a long time. Somehow it looked good on others but failed on me as my hair curls in different directions XD (does this make sense?)

I hope you'll get better soon ; 3; have a lot of rest! <3 <3
[2009/06/10 06:52] URL | Jun #- [ Edit ]
Oh nope, it's not a job XD I don't think they will pay me..
plus the director didn't look very convinced after looking at my moe boys LOL
It's a pretty serious political newspaper and its strict topic is the area i live in (so it's pretty boring : )

LOL It makes sense to me cos it's my same problem!
I hate my hair D:
it's so fluffy and wavy and idhgfsrgfk- makes me look like a sheep.

Thank you! <3
[2009/06/10 11:34] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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