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I just went to collect the shoes I bought last Sunday~
Since I dind't have any sandals I needed a pair fot the upcoming summer. It was hard since I didn't like any of the shoes they showed in the shops OTL I don't really like summerish shoes actually.
But I fell in love with these ones and before I realized, my mother convinced me to try them on and then buy them.


They are very comfortable and pretty~

On the way home I stopped to buy a new notebook too! I finished my old one since plenty of time and the other one I bought after wan't good because the squares were too dark /head desk


The butterfly one is the old one, while the Tomato&Pasta one is the one I realized I couldn't draw on ''orz
If you look closely you can get a glimpse of mt favourite straw hat

The new one instead, is very, very big and heavy and had a sparkly yellow fluorescent cover LOL
and has colored squares.



and my ungraceful hand

Now I really, really need to rush to Maths tutor classes or I'll be late >-<''
I also skipped school today to study a little more but I ended up sleeping because of tiredness from yesterday (I'll report about the concert event later <3)

Ah by the way,


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LOL pirate and banana XD

(those are some really cute shoes ;u;)
[2009/05/23 17:05] URL | billies #- [ Edit ]
OTL a friend of mine just made me notice that it looks like i wanted to put the banana in the pirate's mouth BUT KJDF I DIDN'T MEAN THAT
[2009/05/23 17:09] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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