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Cut my hair Y/N?
New profile picture~ because the old one was temporary and a little bit weird too (+lame colors).
Even tho if I decide to cut my hair short in June this one will also last shortly.
The weather it's so hot and it's gonna become hotter and hotter in these week and I totally can't stand it.
I want to go living in a cold place in Scandinavia OTL

I hope that cutting my hair will help me feel less hot. I'm still not sure about it since I don't cut it short since I was 6 (at that time I cut it myself for the lulz and made a disaster.). Of course, I cut it plenty of times of several inches but it grows back so fastly! OTL
This is a decision I should have taken a lot of time ago. A lot of people are saying that I might look cuter and I believe them.
Still. I'll miss my long hair

They will surely grow back fast though LOL.

Argh I should have done an Hard-study afternoon but I did nothing cos I feel awful. I'll tell my teacher I can't take Literature for an higher grade tomorrow and I'm sure she won't understand OTL at least I hope she gives me another chance.

I don't have any sketch or doodle or photo to post atm. Sorry, boring entry :<
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;u; short hair is cute~
but if you had long hair for a really long time, a haircut is a nice change ^^
and it'll be refreshing~
if you do get your hair cut will you take before and after pictres? plz? ;u;
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I actually love short hair ;v;
I already wanted to cut it in November but I delayed it more and more..
And I seriously think i need a change.

Sure! Tho that might scare you >:D
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seems like I'm the completely different case ;3; I always had short/medium-length hair after the age of 8, and now I would like to grow it long.
short hair was very practical in summer, but didn't really fit my face shape XD

and I'd love to see pictures too! :D
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Aw I only cut my hair short when I was 6 (lol I hid in a closet and I did it myself. Of course, I made a disaster).
Now I seriously got tired of long hair :<
and yep I want to cut it mostly for the hot weather

kjlhaf not atm because My hair is so messy I look like a sheep
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