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Ok I've been pretty busy with school - and I've also been very lazy about posting, so that shall be remedied (someday I'll also post all the homework I've been doing for school - it's impossible to scan them because they're mostly on A3+ sheets, and I'll have to take pictures).

So here's some wips I have been working on from time to time (when I was not hanging around with my buddies trolling Rome).

You should have already seen this one - I made a.. little progress but with this you can see what the whole picture will look like:


Aaand this one is a practice for both digital painting and perspective. Actually it's my first time painting on one layer - up until now I've only done it on pchats and takamin is.. very different from Sai lol. But somehow it's incredibly relaxing to paint on only one layer!
I wish my coloring wouldn't look that much flat though. It's still not finished so I'll hope the outcome will look better.


Oh and if someone remembers the background I had on twitter until a few months, I made a new one that matches. This time it's green, I really like this shade of color ~

Soo - now I'll start working a new thing /is shot
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Your work is wonderful ... everything looks fantastic, with a very professional layout ... you're amazing, keep it up.
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[2010/11/25 14:47] URL | Natsumi #- [ Edit ]
oooh ;3; pretty wips~~
T///T your lines are so clean... i think even the sketches are clean lol

it's really hard to paint one layer on sai at first because everything likes to blend together >A>; but when you get used to it you forget how to paint with using layers again LOL;
w/e i forgot how to use SAI by now;; i just vaguely remember it is faster than PS
/get hit

[2010/11/26 13:52] URL | billies #- [ Edit ]
omg Duckie, you're a genious! this one-layer drawing of yours is simply breathtaking *A* I'm sure you're born to do this.
[2010/12/11 11:08] URL | jun #- [ Edit ]
Aww thank you Natsumi! I don't know you but your comment made me very happy!

@Billies: thanks bbe ; u ; lol I like the fact that Sai blends so well! It's something I can't do on Photoshop.
And PS is so very slow ;;

@Jun: FF SGdfgdSF THANKS ; u ;
[2010/12/15 07:08] URL | Duckie #- [ Edit ]
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