Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
I'm such a time waster
I should have studied for tomorrow's Maths today or at least finish some coloring/skecthes but I slept from 3 pm till 8 pm /facepalm

I dunno if I'm gonna take Maths now since I haven't studied that much, but I wanted to care about this matter as soon as possible.. now I have to wait for next week.

About my hospital check, it was allright. Looks like I have lost very little weight ahah but I'm sure I gained it back eating pizza fritta at lunch.
This is the last year I go to paediatrics repart, I'll feel a little nostalgic when I'll have to go to the adult's doctors in six months.
What surprised me was the doctress making me a lot of compliments for growing up healthy. They looked so glad and said they did a good work on me all these years since I never gave serious problems.
After, I asked my mother if it was rare to have a patient with congenital hypothyroidism in good health and she told me I'm actually the only one.
I kinda never bothered about this matter and lived a completely normal life, just now I'm realizing how serious the matter could have been and why I'm taking medicines from when I was 18 days old.

I was so lucky.

The bad thing is that they say I need to meet psycologists again and THATS BAD ijsijdsf long story.

Too bad my Maths teacher will never be moved by this story, that woman is the devil ''OTL

At least shes's not as cold-hearted as Chem.


pirates - chibi lucas

Now I'm gonna get soem milk before going to sleep, g'night <3
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;u; its great that you're healthy!
stay strong X3

and wahhhh ~ you can still manage to draw a really neat doodle even if you have all that work *A*b
[2009/05/16 09:35] URL | billies #- [ Edit ]
I will, definitely!

LOL I used a very blurred tool to draw that + it's boring and unoriginal
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