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Art school
Time to write about my first day in comic school yesterday. I was very tired when I got back and went straight to bed, so I couldn't write about anything sooner.

First of all, this art school is in Rome, about 200/300 km from the town I live in. The train I take in the morning leaves at 7:50 a.m. and get there in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Lesson start at 10 a.m. and last for 3 hrs, with a little break halfthrought it.
I got at the school 15 mins earlier, and I was so excited and anxious I could barely stand.
At first I was surprised at the amount of people out there.. there were so many youngsters like me and for a moment I thought they were all in my same class. When we got inside I realized most of them were in the Graphic, and Animation and Illustration classes. Students for the Comic class were divided in two groups. The are four total groups for Comic, but at couples on different days.
There are 18 students in my group~ only 3 of them live in Rome. Most of us come from far away, even further than me. I was also surprised that, alike me, some graduated in Scientific High Schools. Also we're half boys and half girls, maybe a little more boys I think.
Our techer is a comic artist who worked for a long time in a very famous Italian editing company. He made a TRULY good impression on me.. he's very professional, calm and intelligent. And he's also very funny. He looked awesome, and I hope he can teach me a lot in his future lessons. And by the way, he's name is Rodolfo Torti, you might find some of his works if you google his name!
My other teacher is named Bruno Letizia, he's also a comic artist and seems to be very young (in his thirties!). I still haven't meet him but I'm going to tomorrow, on my second day~

I didn't really have the chance to talk with my new companions.. nor to see how they draw.. I hope I will be able to know them better from now on. I'm actually too shy to do it.

I befriended two girl who live in the same region as me.. but I barely taked with anyone else..

The school gives every student his own huge bag for tools.. here's mine. I'm so proud of it hurr


And the sketchbook that was inside the bag! There were a pencil and an eraser too, but they're just.. normal.


Inside there was this magazine too, its quality is really something! And the comics inside are all made by pros.
But it's also freaking expensive, so I don't think I'll buy next issues OTL


Oh this is a prev from the comic page we had to draw during our first lesson so that the teacher could see what level everyone's at.


I was very blank about what to draw OTL
I have serious communication problems with comics too.. need to get better on that.

Right know it's about midnight and there is a lot of people outside my house waiting to shoot fireworks to celebrate a near town's Madonna, reason: my mother restored an old and simbolic mantle that's used in this Madonna's church and it's quite significant for the people of this town.
So I'm just going to enjoy fireworks before going to bed for my next lesson tomorrow~
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