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I was taking a break from finishing some wips and I found this sketch from last year in one of my folders.
Was playing around with it and ended up quickly coloring it.


Somehow it looks like a postcard~
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I'm hungry
So, so hungry right now. I hope it will be lunch time soon.

Anyway, I've been in Naples this morning because Giacomo wanted to buy some books.

Here's some cute cupcakes we saw in a patisserie!

I meant to look for a really cute dress I had seen a week ago there but.. when I visited the shop, there wasn't any of the color I was looking for SOB ;;
It was a pretty old-rose colored dress with lace and looked really light and nice to wear.. sigh
It was in other colors too, brown, sand and white, and they looked good but.. I'd rather save money for Paris now.

However, I also got some books to read while I'm on holidays.


I've been wanting to read The Angel's Game by Zafon in a long while now. I hope it will be good, since I fell in love with The Shadow of the Wind by the same author.
The other book is Selected Tales by Edgar Allan Poe, the edition by Penguin Popular Classics.. I hope it won't be too scary OTL
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I just finished washing the dishes. Tonigh we had spaghetti!
It's the first time I cook them by myself.


They actually tasted good~
I need to learn how to cook properly if I want to move out in September~
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The weather is being totally fine these days. Last night, I was even able to wear a long-sleeved pijama. To think about how hot it was a week ago, this is such a dream ~
I've been sleeping until late morning these days. It's been a long time I haven't slept so much and so fully.. I really felt tired.
Because of exams I was always getting up early and in a jump. Now my low-blood pressure is making me feel confused in the morning, but somehow, it's a nice feeling I hadn't felt in a long while.


By the way, that Garfield pijama shirt it's my mother's. That's why it fits me so large lol ;;
but I love it~ It's one of the favorite vintage clothes I have in my wardrobe

I was also glad to hear that the temperature in Paris are quite low compared to here, and hopefully they will remain like that for a while.

That's because I'll leave for Paris on Monday ~

I can't wait! It's been 9 years I haven't been in that city. I wonder if it's changed. I can't really remember it though, I was really young back then eheh
I will also hopefully meet Kiwishu and hang around in the Louvre with her ♥
I won't be able to be online then, but I'll come back in Italy on the 8th, at my aunt's place in Sanremo.
When I'll be there I'll take the chance to rest and write on the blog! I'm looking forward to it.
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Pchats ~
Back~! I've finally graduated! It's hard to say it now that it's been so long since I knew my results, but if I think about how pressured I have been this year, and before exams, it feels so distant.
Exams were a real trauma for me OTL
Especially after the last, decisive one, I was left shocked and drained.

However, my results were great! I was so down because I though I didn't good ;;
Instead, they were beyond my expectation! I was happy~

It's been two really tiring months. Right after exams, I had to work on a project, and I only had 10 days to finish it. It looked like an impossible thing to do, but thanks to working almost 24/7, and a friend's help on the deadline's day, I made it!
The night before deadline was crazy. Me and my friend stayed up to finish and only went to sleep at 11 am (after I went to school to check on my exams results eheh;; ).

After that I couldn't get much rest either, my mom's been asking me to help her in the atelier since it's weddings time of the year and there was an overload of work.

The hot weather has been killing me too.. I really couldn't stand it ;;

Finally, since a couple of days, the weather got much chillier (to my most joyful gratitude) and I got some rest.

Because of that, I could hold some pchats. It had been a really long time! I was really eager to be back pchatting.

Leaving aside the very embarassing, crack pchats I had with Mimi and Glac, here's what we've been doing~

I actually wasn't planning to draw in this round.. but since it was Max, I fastly sketched him in the right bottom ~ the one in the middle by Glac it's precious

Another Inazuma round! This time I was asked to draw Tachimukai. But I sketched him timeskip ahah ;;;

This one's theme was "genderbend".. so, well, a male Hungary.

This one's was "delinquents"

This time the theme picked by a friend was "nekomimi"

This one is juct Glac and me waiting for people to come to pchat. Her Jin is really cute and her Someoka!Jin just cracked me up LOL

Billie and Glac drawing Inazuma characters as watermelon today... I drew Burn ;; /runs

Black Rock Shooter as suggested by Juu-Yuki who joined us!

This time the theme was "waiter/waitress". Billies, Moo, me and xxxSumeragi drew.

Glac, Mimi, Billies, Moo, Juu-Yuki, Yuuba, Vodka-chan, Gisu, Akitan, xxxSumeragi, Saspiee, Bon and everyone else, thank you for attending my pchats this week! Even to those who just watched or happened to pass by, I hope you can get to draw in my upcoming ones~

Also, I envy all of you for being so good at pchatting. All I've been doing is just sketching and doodling around. Next time, I should put some effort in it (since I'm the host, too ;; ).
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It just rained! The air feels so nice now ~
And the sky is blue!

I wish everyday was like this until the end of summer.
I love summer storms.
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Big gray clouds
I think there's been a sandstorm outside today. I'm alone at home today and I left the windows closed, but when I opened my room's window just a while ago, there was a thick layer of dirt on the sill.
The sky outside is so still. It's very cloudy too.


They look really heavy~


And so dark. There's a spark of clear blue sky in the distance though

I hope this mean it's going to rain. It's been way too hot lately, and I'm glad that since yesterday the air freshened up a little.

By the way, my dad once bought me a new sketchbook and I'm starting to use it now! Actually.. it's really cheap and the paper is too thin sob ;; (that's why dad bought it I guess, he never buys me any art material OTL)
It looks really badass though! And that's a new pencilcase too, since my old one broke back in school.


I hope I can practice a lot on it!

At last, I finally found a frame with the right size for one of Billies' presents. It's hung on my bed now ♥
I'll never get over how pretty this is ♥♥

I'll be writing an "I'm back" entry soon. Thanks for waiting so long for me.
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