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cαғέ вℓσg
I'm a banana
I need practice. Lots of it.

I think I'll concentrate on that mostly for now. I'm also back being very confused.

Lame stuff I doodled today.


These were pretty random, but now that I've found out about it should get better with daily practice.
/flaming motivation

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praise pierokun for my titles
I survived last week with an average in theoric Maths.. I should be happy but I think it could have been better (too many thing to remember OTL). I'm really good at exercises tho! I hope I we can have a test soon so I can actually take a better grade.

This weekend I'm going to attend a con here and the rovery Yuumei and Glacmer are coming over to my place! I'm so excided ;;
I can't wait for it and I'm sure it's gonna be awesome, since there's a lot of people I know coming. I really hope we can menage to be all together, even if it's a little difficult. I'm not sure if I'm going to cosplay though.. I still have my Yui cosplay (even if I lack the gitah now OTL), but I really wanted A MAX HAT. I hope I can find the time to make one myself this week.

BTW I'm working on a secret project which I'm really grateful to can partecipate into, since everyone in it is so godly. Somehow it pressures me a little.
Some preview sketch of one of the characters-


I'm still squeezing my brain for plot ideas.

Going to sleep and read a bit more of a little novel book I found today, Voltaire's Le Blanc et le Noir. When I'm done with this I'll probably start some Philophy classic, maybe something from Nietsche or Kierkegaard. I want to be able to read a lot before my finals orz
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Best wishes to my mom and dad~ Today was her birthday and their 20th anniversary. We went out to eat at an hispanic-themed restaurant in my town. It has been a long while I did't eat there. The food was all really good! Muy rico( ´∀`) ♥
I was incredibly full after the second dish, but I couldn't help have dessert, since it was CHEESECAKE ♥♥♥


Sorry for the low-quality picture OTL

My mom also made a cake we will eat tonight!


Yesterday the house was full of its nice smell ♥ I bet this one is also delicious.

I'll now go back to work on this:


it's probably going to be the top banner for my website, even if I really sketched it out of boredom and it's not going to look very good >:
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Inazuma pchat
I finally got a pchat room on takamin!( ・∀・)/
So I won't have to bother Yuumei each time I want to pchat OTL She's always been letting me use hers ; u ; ♥

I tested it with Glacmer today! We were both really black about what to draw so we ended up drawing Max.
But she was busy and mostly erased all that she was drawing and I couldn't capture it OTL


So I filled the right part of the room with lame sketches (and drew an out-of-place Endou).

Then we had a collab! Glac drew a huge Max and I just colored it and added the heart.


Then it was almost time for maintenance and I sketched a little Occhio Tappato (Sakuma) and we filled the room with penguins before it bombed.


And my free week ends here. From tomorrow it's going to be study+work everyday.. I hope I can complete the website soon too.
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Back from the prize cerimony
Today I went to this year regional Philosophy Olympics congress and prize giving cerimony. I got placed 5th for English/Philosophy in my school, so I didn't partecipate in the regionals like last year (which is awesome since it means less studying and worrying).
Since the congress got pretty boring at a certain point and my tummy was empty I took a walk outside and went to a good place to eat yummy Neapolitan food where I also ate the previous year. I had a delicious pizza fritta take-away and walked until Plebiscito square.
On my way back I stopped at a kids' store out of curiousity and look at what I got!


A new duckie! This is my first spongy one ♥ AND IT HAS CHEEKS

Oh and I also sketched stuff on my moleskine.


French is there to remember me what a real manry man must be.
Also never drawing fanart + no reference = makes them look different from what they are supposed to look like.

Mh.. the guy that sat next to me constantly peeked at me drawing and after a while he asked me a few questions about what comics I was inspired and made some comments about my style. It was a funny coincidence since I have been tormenting myself with that topic since last evening.
He then wanted me to draw a rose for him and insisted in leaving a dedication on my moleskine. Then he left.
It was a pretty weird meeting, but it kinda made me feel easier about drawing..

I feel more confident now. As it helped me understand myself better.
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I feel better than this morning but.. now it's my head that is a mess.
I wish I was able to keep my ideas clear so that I would understand when I really want.
But it seems like the more I think, the more I get confused.

At the moment I feel really.. "boh".

Me and Drawr really are not BFF. I just can't seem to draw anything good on there.


I'll practice.
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I did actually die
Updating after a month and half of hiatus from pretty much the whole internet OTL
March has been an absurdely busy month. I had to survive extra classes from 5pm to 8pm three times a week for a philosophy course that literally killed my brain. I also had school to attend, tests and work to complete.. I soon got sleep deprived and spent the first half of April resting and keeping studying for my Maths test last week.
I succeded in it and was so happy! But I have kinda been passing out this week. Thankfully school it's not that heavy now that my classroom is on a trip to Wien (which I skipped since I've already been there this summer).

Now, I think I really did die after all. I have the bad habit to not look at myself in the mirror when I go out for school in the early morning. I have been feeling weird the whole time, my stomach felt unwell as if my guts had twisted and it gave me quite some pain.
When I came back from there my mom pointed out that I had two shadows of an unhealthy purple shade under my eyes.
I went to look at myself and I actually resembled a corpse.


I had a two hours nap but it resulted in me waking up very disoriented. My stomach is still in a mess but at least the eye sockets have faded a little.

Maybe I am stressing myself a little bit too much.
I am also sort of depressed about the fact that I haven't been drawing as freely as once. I also haven't CGed or done any kind of complete picture since the beginning of the year.. so I can't add anything to my portfolio.

By the way, I am currently working on my first website! The html is giving me some trouble but it will be hopefully be complete soon.
The hardest part about it was choosing a title, I couldn't find one I liked OTL
Maybe it was also because I didn't have a clear idea about the site at first. Some days ago I remembered about this old project called no sound: STEEL CITY and decided to finally call it that.
Here is a sketch for a possible top picture. It is actually a remake of a very old sketch for the same project.

nosound sketch

It's just the concept so the lines are very messy and unrefined. I have just been doing a lot of incomplete concepts recently..
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Is a mysterious being ★
And shy-


Link here

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Linking is free and appreciated ( ´∀`) ♥


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