Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
Gonna die sob
I have an incredible amount of things to do this week, and the ones that will follow. If I menage to get some time, I might list them. I don't think that, between studying and drawing for commissions I will save some time to have a social life sob
That makes me quite sad since I won't be able to sketch much on Tegaki and on my new sketchbook.

Copia di P2220006

Ain't it cute? It makes me want to doodle all over it. A friend brought it for me from Disneyland, together with the pen. It made me so happy :,,))
I was actually looking for a new sketchbook in which I could draw and take notes about original characters/stories, to keep them organized.

Here's some doodle WIP.. not that interesting at all, but I don't have other material to post atm :(


I hope I will have the chance to write again soon OTL
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The last 5 days were very eventful! I've spent a really nice long-weekend with Glac and really had a fun time on Valetine with my friends in Rome! At first I was kinda down because I was so tired before leaving on Saturday.. I even had some troubles with my train tickets because I was too careless.
Glac came at my place on Monday and we stayed together till yesterday. We also had a lot of fun on Mardi Gras! My sister held a party at our house with some of our friends, and we stayed up till late doing stupidities and laughing till we suffocated LOL;;;;
There have been some recent things that made me really sad.. I still feel quite blank, as if I didn't know what I ought to think.

But leaving aside those things, I have very nice moments, and they are helping me in keeping up when I got back to my daily life.
I am again very tired and got a cold, but I'm doing some work fixing my online accounts, like Tegaki.
I've deleted almost all of my gallery yesterday, now it's quite empty, but I thought that was better than changing account.

Duckie on Tegaki E

Hopefully i'll be drawing often! I really miss drawing on tegaki.
Oh, I have a secret sketch account too, I wonder if anyone is able to find it hurr hurr.

And to end this (I gotta do Maths ;;;) some highlights of the weekend!


Our friend hugging/drinking a human Guinnes Beer! He even proposed to it. It's been quite an epic moment.


Glac's boyfriend. It's quite obvious who drew i---/IS HIT


Glac's serious toy panda. Milla named him Manfredi. Glac also has some other funny toys like a bear dressed up as a panda and a mouse and frog we rispectively named Merlin and Arthur because of resemblance LOL

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New tablet!
I went throught a lot fo trouble to but it yesterday OTL It was ranining heavily and, following the map from Google I went to a place I had never been before, and found out it wasn't the place I was looking for! (apparentely it had the same name, so Google maps isn't to blame ;;) Since the actual place was very far, I decided to try to looking in another shop that was sort of nearer. Thankfully they had it! (they also had the Intuos4 orz;;)
I walked a lot and got all soaked, but I now have a tablet /satisfaction


Well ain't it cool! I had some troubles installing it but it works fine now, and I can use it without problems.

To celebrate it and get me used faster to it, we hold a pchat yesterday!
Glac and me ended up drawing this, to wish everyone a happy valentine..


Cute boy love ♥

Then we made it prettier



I think I'll now go sink in my science book. BRB.
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In the end I gave up calling the Wacom service. They still have no information about where the hell my new pen is. I kinda feel sorry for the guy that had to say this to me.
I'm going to buy a new pen tablet, as I should have don 3 weeks ago, when my tablet broke.

Going for a Bamboo Pen this time, it looks essential, which is good. Man, whatever, I just want a tablet OTL
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I feel gray
I'm so glad we got to February, last month was pretty unlucky SOB
I'm still left with no tablet or mobile.. I've called the Wacom service several times, including today's, and the situation is still very confused. I'll call again tomorrow OTL
For the mobile, I have to wait at least 15.. /depressed

The absence of the tablet is worse than what I imagined.. I tried to work a lot on traditional but I got to nothing in the end, I even ruined one of my wips because I suck 1000 times at copics.
Maybe it's because it's been a pretty hard on me lately. I've been working my ass off in school and I can't say the results for this term are, after all, all that satisfactory. Furthermore, the getting near of the exams is giving everyone an immense pressure.
I still don't know about all of my grades, except for English, Italian and Latin (which are very high), and Maths and Physics (still kinda low).
I really wish to reach the 8.1 average at the end of the year, and finish school in a satisfactory way.

I still don't know what university I'm going to attend after..
Everyone is expecting me to decide, but I am just very confused. My parents have clearly asked me to set aside drawing for a while and concentrate on studying.. but that only makes me upset.
Even so, I'm not going to draw for today, but I'm going to concentrate on Physics and other subjects OTL;;

I feel defeated..

Because of being so busy lately, I got myself a daily planner. It's very.. plain.


I doodle a little Gil for Saint Gilbert (tomorrow). Maybe I should add some stickers all over it to make it more colorful SOB
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