Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
OH MAN. I feel dead tired..
I've been studying since forever. Yesterday I was understimating my amount of homeworks OTL;;;
It took me the whole afternoon to study Geography and Astronomy for the project, and I finished it by doing some cuts because I didn't have enough time ;A;
My head is filled with ecliptics and poles and geoids.

I even spent the morning doing house cleanings.. and now I don't have time to study the Physics new chapter. I give up. I don't even get what the textbook says..
Even if I have major examination tomorrow QAQ
Wish me good luck with that and the project!

Today, after school, I went around in a store with my dad and I found these! ;u;


They were so cheap! 6 for only € 3.50 ( ´∀`) ♥
I never bought duckies for such a low price. And they're cute!

Actually I don't really have much room left on my duckies shelfbook ;;;
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My internet is slow
Can't believe I spent most of the day working on a school project. It ate up my whole beloved sunday ;A;
But I slept well last night, and had a nice breakfast. I'm actually relieved because I did most of the work (even if it was hard to get me to write, I always tried to get distracted or procastinate), so I don't have to die trying to finish it tomorrow. I just have two paragraphs left, and the project is due Tuesday.
Tomorrow I have to learn the whole thing + study Physics OTL
I find it way too hard for my poor brain ;;

I want to run far far away, in a tropical place and send a postcard to my teacher, something like "I don't really need Physics here man".

I updated the playlist with a pair of other songs. I find out about a nice electronica band called Owl City and I've been listening to them a lot (all thanks to Jun ♥).

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Got a load of homeworks

Senior year is so pressuring ;;
I feel like I won't make it until the end, I'm already exploding.
And I fear all the things I haven't studied the last years.. I have to learn a lot of things I wasn't taught OTL

I have art history test tomorrow.. it would be easy if my teacher wasn't a complete ass ;;
I have no idea of what the questions will be like so I'm studying everything.
And then I have a lot of Physics to learn because it's an important subject and I already got bad marks in Maths.

I should be studying but my sister came for help in English from me and I got completely drained (lately the time I spend teaching her stuff is more than the time I study myself).

I also tried Drawr. I suck at it.
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I hate my computer. I keeps dying and making me lose time and data.

I was almost done with a sketch on tegaki-e OTL;;
Now there's nothing left of it, except a picture I took with my camera (tho it's dark and blurred and crappy sob).


It makes me sad cos it was Gilbo. I hardly ever draw him.
Also, it's unfinished.

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I just wanna sleep
Old sketch.. made by the end of the summer.


I'll post some news soon.
Today I got my first awful mark in maths :(
god I hate it so much.
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...will write a report when I get the pictures from all the people i was with (which I hope is very soon)!
I could say it was great no matter how many problems I got there (like, I GOT A FEVER sob), I menaged to see some of my friends for just a little bit, sorta made new friend and parapara... GOT COPICS!


/happiness ( ´∀`) ♥

Now I'm stuck at home because I will feel sick, and I'm trying them out. I still haven't tried all of the new ones and that makes me really excited ;;;

I took the chance to finish some things I owed to people.

First - sketch trade with Loofuri


For catching the kiriban on DA: Shomiku


and EdwardMarks, who asked for a present for her friend


Request on twitter: Glacmer


and Billies (that's Lag Seeing from Letter Bee! ;u; gosh I always wanted to draw him)


And that's all folks. I'm now working on something bigger.
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Is a mysterious being ★
And shy-


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