Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg

It's the fisrt year make a picture for Halloween ;;
I always have good intentions of making festivity-related but I often always end up forgetting, not having time or procastinating.
I'll trying working harder from now on.

Full picture is on my DA, anyway.

Also I'll be leaving on Friday morning . It's that time of the year *u*
Biggest con in Italy!
I'll be away until Tuesday.

I hope I can finish everything I gotta do before leaving tomorrow.. I don't believe I really can ;___;
My Yui cosplay is still unfinished sob
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Jack o' lantern
Yound people tend to look all the same.. all the girls wear the same clothes and have the same anorexic bodies that can barely stand on high heels.
They lack indivuality, sensibility and even topic to talk about in a discussion.

I don't want to have to deal with people like that anymore :(

I wish there could be a place where I can make friends with nice people at parties.

There was something good at the party yesterday though, the place had a cool retro atmosphere and the bar had these cute pumpkin lanterns.


Hallowen is saturday and I still don't feel like it's coming.
I should make some themed picture this year.
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Moar food
Today we had guest for lunch and my mother cooked lots of the delicious things.
I was interested in only one thing though..



There are commonly called orecchiette con le cime di rapa, a typical pugliese recipe. They have delicious sausage and brassica rapa in it ♥

I ate two dishes of it so I was full, but I found some space at the end for the dessert.

Sweets from the patisserie ♥

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Winter version


It would have been done so much earlier if I just looked better at the css page, scrolling it down.
I'm such an idiot.


Sorry for doubting about you FC2
you're still my best blog pal

Now to putting uo the music

this evening is kind of shit tho
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Plain omelette ♥

I like to play around with yummy food.
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Man, I'm not good with titles
Finally this week has ended! I have a lot of stuff to do this weekend. I still have to go to school tomorrow though, even if there's no classes. I will bring work along with me probably as I did today.
So the vice director of Fresco di stampa (the magazine I draw for) told me there was still time after the deadline. I had do a semi-realistic semi-caricatural portrait of Massimo Cacciari, mayor of Venice and sort of philosopher. He has an interesting look but I don't really know much about him (cept for the fact he's an alien communist).


This is my first REAL portrait so.. I really hope it doesn't look weird ;;;


my moleskine is about to end :(
I only have 3 pages left, with the 7 "guest pages"I left at the end of it (which are 2/7 full)
I knew it was going to be finished by this time, but I wish it lasted enough for next week's train trip too. I started it in August, you've probably never seen it but here it is


it's a small, plain type. It was pretty good to draw on.
The virgin new one is a sketchbook type, less pages but better paper quality, I still have to try it out.
About the sack, I made it myself back in Germany this August ♥ The lady I stayed over helped me since patchwork is her hobby, and she has lots of pretty patterns!
And that's my stupid mobile.
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Back to life
My cold got a lot better now~
I went to school today, even if i had some troubles with the subjects I didn't know about because of my absence yesterday OTL Later it also rained a lot, but thankfully I brought the umbrella with me ;u;
School is being very boring, I wish I had a week of vacations before leaving, on next friday.

Waiting for me at home there was A LOT of pizza! /happy
My mom made Pizza with scarola, margherita pizza, calzone, and one of my sister's new creations (that contains wurst and cream.. I swear, it looks hella weird but has a good taste).

Here is a picture I took of pizza with scarola (curly endive), it's one of my very favourites ♥


I couldn't take pictures of the other ones because they were already finished when I took the camera ;;; (we're an hungry family lol;;)

And now I'm off to finish the top banner and my work for the magazine (it looks liek there's still time!).

I'll live a picture of a colour pencil drawing I made for Jun (I'll send it when I find some calm time to write her a letter).


It's my ideal winter outfit ♥
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Oh god
I'm very sick OTL

My cold has worsened and it's hard for me to do everything.
Today was the dealine for next month's issue drawing, but since the vice director didn't confirm the work (they just said they wanted some samples) I gave up on it since I can't get myself to concentrate.
I am all stuffed in sweaters and scarfs but I still feel cold, and my nose hurts. My mother and sister wanted to give me medicine but I refused (I'm pretty stubborn on this topic orz) and just took fruit and something hot.
To make it better, my pc is suffering just like me. It still has the same old problems, and yesterday I got very afraid I could have lost my files. I did the back-up over again but I think that until I don't get a new hard disk the problems will persist.

There has been a good thing today though. I found a cute new tamplate to edit and it will probably soon be ready~
Here's the wip for the new header


I sketched this all fastly and started lining it with my hands all freezed. I'm stopping now to go to bed and rest.
Since I gotta go to school tomorrow.

Night sweeties.
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So yeah, I did it again.
They should sue me for abandonment.

I'm too tired to speak about news and stuff, and kind of tired in general. Most important recent things are that I drew again for that magazine (this time it was about an article on omosexuals and homophoby lol).

(yeah yeah I know they look like Lud and Fran)

I kind of interpretated it in my own way, since they didn't give me much info. I feel so very awkward about working for them, I'm afraid they would dislike my work and that makes me anxious. I got to do a caricatural work for next issue.. and that's totally new to me.
I also have a bunch of lots of work I have been ignoring all the time now (and I deserve to be shoot down for that).

And my id for pixiv (where I'll probably never ever post stuff)


it says "I don't understand japanese"... I guess.
I'll just keep lurking.

Now to stuff myself in the bed. It's hella cold.

Gonna chance layout maybe.
This one is quite nice, but I feel like a changing is needed
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