Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
I'll show the complete one tomorrow OTL;;
It's so very late.. I shouldn't have been up till now. I couldn't even finish what I was working on.

here's a part OTL;;


Now I need to sleep
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Day One
But I should consider myself happy for having internet here, even if the "internet point" is basically an old laptop with no mouse or touchpad but a weird red dot in the middle of the keyboard that is freaking hard to use as a cursor..
Exactly because of the damn keyboard, I pressed a weird buttorn and got the entry I was writin lost sob

In this case I will save the boring train part, where I had to deal with two ladies and their big dog (the ladies where a lot more annoying that the poor animal actually), loss of hunger & some more problemating things. At least the trip when by faster then what I expected.

What surprised me the most was that, from Tuscany, it started raining pretty hard. When we got near Venice it stopped but the weather was still kinda cloudy. I remember about people telling me that it was very very hot in Venice these days, but I tought it was normal.
I had a nice trip on the boat-buss on Canal Grande and was able to see the pretty houses and water roads and gondolas <3
I didn't haved highexpectations, so it really pleased me. Me and my little cousin also found a lot of fun in waving at the asian tourists on the gondolas, and seeing them wave back *U*
The hotel is near St. Marco Square (the famous one in the center of the city), after a few narrow "calles" filled with cristal and ceramics and traditional carnival clothes. The bad thing is that it is on the 3rd floors with no elevator and we had lots of luggage (or well.. my mother had since me and my sister only had a suitcase each). The blondie foreign girl at the reception helped us and gave us our rooms. They're both nice and have pretty blue walls and sheets and curtains, but not without flaws (the air conditioning loses.. water.. on the door.. and it's hard to open/close it).
I was almost evening and we went out to see the shops and St. Marco but the weather changed and it STARTED RAINING LIKE DSKHFSKDJF
I got all soaked even if I borrowed my aunt's umbrella, my little shoes are still wet and I have to dry them with the hair-dryer later sob. Thankfully I wore a jacket or i would have probably caught a cold or something.

I hope tomorrow's weather will be nicer (well I just hope it won't rain or be too hot).

I'm now in some kind of very nice attic with some sofa (it's like a living-room but with some tables I guesswe'll use ofr breakfast tomorrow). I will take pictures tomorrow, but I guess i'll only be able to post them when I'll be back home <3

I don't really think this entry makes sense beacuse of my tiredness OTL I bet there are lots of typos ;;;;
But I'm too tired to check
i'll try write more in the next days, after all, here I have unlimited internet access *happy*
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Leaving 3~10

My entry for this week's RC, theme was landscape (my one is so.. very lame OTL;;). Challenges have restarted~
Too bad I won't be able to make it for next round, since I will be on holidays sob

I'm leaving on Monday for Venice and Vienna, even though I've been in that part of Italy and in Austria, I've never visited these two cities. I'm very excited <3
I still have to get my suitcase ready, and I have to make a list of adresses to send postcards to,,
I also need to think about things I'm gonna bring SOB

I want to bring my notebook and the book I'm reading but they're both FREAKIN HUGE
but I so want to draw/read and relax this week
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