Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
Today is summer solstice today the day is longer and the night is shorter here. Exactly one year ago, I was in Germany *nostalgy*

I can't even recall now what I did this week. Maybe it's becausei it's 9 am and I haven't slept this night.
But I don't feel tired and I'm also glad I didn't go to sleep, or I would have waked up really late and even more tired.

It's rained a little and at dawn it was quite chilly outside and the air was filled with a pleasant, fresh smell. I can feel all the dewdrops on the plants and the birds are still singing. Some groups of cloud pass by once in a while, and it means it might rain again today, which makes me really happy (I hope I don't get a cold tho).

Oh and that's the book I'm reading now. It's the 900+ pages masterpiece from Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo. It's written so tiny tho.

I had breakfast (warm brioche with chocolate, a banana and a glass of fresh milk <3) and I''m now planning the things I need to do.
I'm trying to order them in the right way, so that I can accomplish everything as soon as possible.

Then, I need to

  • finish the back up, SRSLY this time. And this means I won't have to lurk on pixiv or imageboads this week D:<
  • finish a pair of wips
  • find all the people I promised collab/trades to and FULLFILL THEM
  • clean my message box in DA and MB
  • Register a paypal account and start commissions
  • (stop listening to De Andrè cos it make me so depressed OTL)

to start tho, I need to draw my entry for this week's challenge (late as always /slapped). I had the pciture in my mind for a long time now but.. I don't feel like drawing it since it would bring back sad memories and it kinda feels inappropriate. /head desk
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My maths teacher..

kjdslgfkawjer SHE'S... FFFFF.-

A classmate of mine contacts me yesterday telling me our Maths teacher called her saying she's lost the Maths program.

the Maths program I wrote her, which gave me nerves more than once.
and she's lost it.
So she called her favourite pet, who wanted it FROM ME

/head desk

I tried to search the whole house for my USB key but I was unable to find it (I remember putting it somewhere to rest since I though I wouldn't need it for three freaking moths). The file might no longer be on there tho.

And it's no longer on my pc either.
This girl said it was a pity since I'd have to rewrite it.


no way, girl.

SHE lose it, she does her own.
Or you do since she called YOU.

When I though things were settled another friend calls me, all worried because this girl told her to do the program, so she was also looking for the file from me. Seriously.
I told her she didn't have to worry and ranted a little about how unfair this whole thing was.

Then I text messaged lovely teacher's pet saying clearly that I don't have the file, implying it's not my business. thxbye.

I had to stand that girl and the teacher's injustices the whole year, until the. freaking. last. day. and they can't leave me alone EVEN now.


-intermission ends here-

I always try to keep a hold my nerves, but this time I can't help being so upset.
I have to say I'm not that angry as I SHOULD BE about this whole thing.

On a brighter note
while this whole mess was happening, I succeded in finishing a random sketch for R5, and spend some time with my German friends before they left today.
They invited me to their place after their trip to Spain and mine to Austria, and I was so excited!
I was too fast on getting my hopes high since we checked the plane and train fees and they're terribly expensive


I really wish I could go back to Germany.. it is so heavenly there.

Then again, Elissa said she is able to come over on her autumn holidays so I might be able to see her in October.

BTW, thanks to her I've been listening to a lot of Snow Patrol. I knew they were great and loved Chasing Cars, but they songs.. are all so beautiful ;v;

R5 theme: Epic fall 8D

LQ epicfall from the bed
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it burns
After two day of walking under the burning sun and sightseeing, I am completely gone out of service.

We did a lot of interestin things tho, chatted with tourists and I also organized some of the routes I could suggest to Billie once she comes over (still got to define the particulars).
I dunno if I should consider myself lucky or not, but I got a sunburn on only one of my shoulders (it's incredibly red not.. but at least I doesn't hurt like a whole sunburn).

I hope I have time tomorrow to draw the 5th round entry (FFF I'M SORRY FOR ALWAYS BEING SO LATE) and some other project I need to be done with soon!
I'd also like to offer trades on Tegaki, I just need the will to finish what I need to do OTL

I found this very old smut drawing I had in my overflowing wips folder and decided to complete it.


I'm too tired now to even think I could keep on being awake.
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Kartoffel und würstttt
I'm so tired now I should have gone to bed already. It's been a pretty tiring day and the ones that are to going to come will be even more tiring.

My german friends came over today so went to pick them up at the airport~ that really made me miss travelling by plane male hostess :Q
We spend the day together and we went out, I showed around the town to Elissa (she's about my age, the other two are her mother and step-father) even if I know so little about this place OTL
I really admire her since she speaks several lenguages. German is her mother lenguage, and since she's half-Italian she used to spoke it, then forgot it, and now she's studying it again and she's really good at it! She's also been studying in Latin America for almost an year so she's fluent in Spanish. Plus her mother is an English teacher so she knows English and told me she's taking Arabic classes in her homecountry.
I feel so envious ;A;

Tomorrow we'll have an excursion to Pompei, and it's gonna be trerribly hot+tiring because you have to waaalk a lot ;;;

I hope I will have some time this weekend to draw. I really feel like drawing but I realized I have so little time ;v;
I hope I can make it in time for this week rival challenge
and also draw some special things huhuhu

Leaving you with some doodle from my recently newborn tegaki <3


Also, my hair is a mess
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Quick post
I'm quite sorry for letting my blog die for almost a week DD:
It was very busy, and I felt so tired every evening that I hadn't any strenght left to write and went straight to sleep.
As for a brief summary of what I did:

- I kind of failed my maths, cos no matter how hard I tried to learn the formulas I kept forgetting them :\
- I partecipated to a newspaper meeting, one of my school's teacher proposed me as an illustrator after seeing some of my drawings even tho it's a very serius businnes newspaper so I dunno what kind of things I'll be doing :V
- I went to the post office almost everyday to get a paypal account but since my father decided he would take care of it in the end i got a different card OTLLLLL;;;
- The fashion show took place last night and it was inexpectely extremely successeful!
- I started watching Eden of East and it's really good but harrddd to understand
- I got a cold and now I can barely stand

I took a nap this afternoon and I feel slightly better, but I'm still pretty disoriented and it's hard for me to walk around or do things. That's why it's better for me to go to sleep now, if i don't want to make it worse D:

Yeah that's my pijama. Fabolous ain't it? It actually has a cow on its front

I also keep having weird dreams about people I know. I'm not able to tell apart reality from fantasy.
Maybe it's the cold.
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Pasta :ç
I'm gonna go to school tomorrow, but later, as if I was skipping. These are the very last days so there isn't much we could do in class anyway.

I need to tell my Maths teacher I can't make her subject's program since my printer broke down D:
I hope she understands.
She'll probably think i'm too lazy / I don't know what we have actually studied this year /head desk

btw I've been tryng to sketch this weekend and I menaged to start some drawings~ I hope I can finish them soon, I really want to draw a lot this summer

I also pchatted with Billie today and had an amusing picture/doujin flood. She made my inner passiòn for Spain/Romano burn again :Q


I now want to draw something on them~ but I have to finish many things + pirates stuff I forgot ;v;



due fessi

Don't try to understand what's written, it's absurd. It's a quick sketch, so you may as well not try to understand my stickmenz.
It's based off a friend's dream, but I'd rather see HER draw it it's yer dream darling, and she never shows me her cool works /despair

Also somebody billies requested some food pictures a long time ago, so here what I ate for lunch today
Well.. it's basically pasta with ham and some kind of cream.. but it's very tasty :>

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So chilly
The weather is being so cold these days.. I know it's usual to get bed weather around the 1st of June (it happens every year) but I have two 18es parties this week and I won't be able to wear either the light clothes nor the shoes I bought OTL

I wanted to draw something today but I ended up helping my mother with the dresses for the atelier's fashion show. I designed three dresses out of seven, and choose hats and bags. I didn't really take part of the preparations this year tho because I was too busy w/ school ;_;

BTW, Shouri and me pchatted for a little while last night, and this is what came out


I'm so sorry about my fail pchat skills ;v; + the fact that I hardly ever draw hetalia so I didn't remember about outfits/hair


But it was fun to watch her draw ♥ She draws so naturally~

(ohoh you can guess but anyways the yellow doodles and the no-more-pasta world are mine lol)

I need to get ready for a party OTL
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And shy-


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