Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
Free, almost
I can say I'm finally free from the burden that is school~ ;v; or well, ALMOST.
I failed my Maths test on Friday like, really hard. I had studied but the exercises were just too difficult OTL a lot of my classmates found it really hard too.
I think I had a little bit of an outburst at the end of the test because of the stress I piled up this week. I had been feeling a little ill the previous day, but particulary in that morning I felt pretty sick when I woke up. I could hardly stand on my feets ;~;
After the test I had to recover and work to take Chem in two hours time. In the end I was perfect, and the interrogation went by fast and painless ° v ° /
I payed off in English too because I get to have the higest grade my teacher ever gave (10!)
even if there is some other student who got it too even if they didn't deserve it cought teacher's pet cought

While I'm really upset with my Lit teacher since she vaguely said she's not gonna give an high grade even if we (I) did a project work D:
Damnit I spent one afternoon and some of my health on that power point OTL
I had to expect it tho.. since she clearly doesn't like me in the first place I'm better than her favourite

Sorry I just didn't sound so modest but SRLY. I worked my ass off to prove that I'm actually pretty good, but meh, when old teachers are biased about you there ain't much you can do ._.

I still need to repair Maths on Thrusday, then I'll be done.

In the mean time, I have two days off from school because of National festivity <3
I'll try to draw/finish things.

I drew the 3 round picture in super extremis today. I have to say I really enjoyed doing Victorian style


I'm already excited for the upcoming week challenge! I'm curious about the theme..
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About the hair cut..
uh sorry the pictures are missing OTL I'll put them up again if I have the time

I searched for some styles instead of doing Chem near to what I was thinking about. I browsed the same site as Billies, since japanese hairdressers are so very impressing!

This one is probably the easiest for my kind of hair + it's practically my hair withouth the long part.

While this one really caught my eye, it looks very very cute (dunno if it would look good on me tho).

This is just to add another one, I actually don't think this is ever gonna look good on me (my hair gets messy and sheep-like easily lol)

It really frightens me that I'm gonna cut them in a week.. somehow I feel like I don't want to.
The truth is.


like, really.
I'm gonna be like.. another person? Like leaving behind my old self because I like short hair?

Maybe I think too much.
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Lit lit lit
I've done 10 hours straight of Literature study this evening OTL
Power point files take so long to be finished. The fact that I use to do an accurate work doen't help and just make it longer..
My topic was interesting, since we had to do something related to theater I choose to do oriental culture of theater, but I wish I had more time to go rambling on wikipedia since there are so many things to learn (I just found about Symbolism).

Damnit, I hope that the teacher will let me talk since she always interrupts with her random useless hours-long speechs :<

I'm ttly screwed fo tomorrow. I still haven't started working on the English project neither I have a clear idea of what I'll be doing + Chem announced Thurday is the deadline to take that subject so KLDSGHSGO I'M DOUBLY SCREWED.
I dunno how I'm gonna make it all tomorrow ;__;

I need an incredible stamina+will which I don't possess OTL

and it's getting so hot in school these days.. it feels terrible because there are a lot of people (but of course of dear Direct has air conditioning in his office <_<).

We literally stole a fan from English lab and bought it in class LOL


My classmates also wrote "4-i" which is my class on it since our seniors from 5-i want to steal it ~

Ah that's my essay you see these. It took the usual good mark 8D
I wish i was naturally good at Maths and Chem too OTL

Tomorrow will be though.
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I'm in troubles again
With school ;A;
It's mostly because of my English project, I TTLY dunno about the topic. At first it was a ghost story, which I wasn't sure about, or doing a lesson on slang English, then trying to do a humorous version of Hamlet but after watching the movie today I realized it's just so helplessy emo OTL
I want to ask my teacher for help cos I'M SERIOUSLY IN DESPAIR. But I'm afraid I can't do a really good work since the deadline is on Thrusday and we also have Physics test on that day ;A;
I need to prepare a Literature work for Wednesday so I can't do it tomorrow OTL
I wonder how I'm gonna get out of this situation /head desk

AND CHEM. I can't remember a thing about it.


Sorry I have nothing nice to post cept for gay pirate

pirata ghey
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Listening to more Dire Straits
I want to take a shower but it's 0:30 am :<
I'm gonna take it anyway.

Mh btw, finished this one:

5 in the afternoon

wonder if it's just me or the wip looked better. The face bothers me but the overall is ok, I guess.

Starting tomorrow, I should have my most intese week of the school year (last week).
I have to take Chem, English and perhaps Literature too, and I have Physics and Maths test.
That's way too much to handle OTL
I hope to stop procastinating/sleeping/not caring because I'm seriously in deep crap if I'm not gonna study.
Wish me good luck~
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epic battle posistion

Rivals round 2 Epic battle position was the theme~
Meh kinda lazy because my pc died on me so many times orz
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I just went to collect the shoes I bought last Sunday~
Since I dind't have any sandals I needed a pair fot the upcoming summer. It was hard since I didn't like any of the shoes they showed in the shops OTL I don't really like summerish shoes actually.
But I fell in love with these ones and before I realized, my mother convinced me to try them on and then buy them.


They are very comfortable and pretty~

On the way home I stopped to buy a new notebook too! I finished my old one since plenty of time and the other one I bought after wan't good because the squares were too dark /head desk


The butterfly one is the old one, while the Tomato&Pasta one is the one I realized I couldn't draw on ''orz
If you look closely you can get a glimpse of mt favourite straw hat

The new one instead, is very, very big and heavy and had a sparkly yellow fluorescent cover LOL
and has colored squares.



and my ungraceful hand

Now I really, really need to rush to Maths tutor classes or I'll be late >-<''
I also skipped school today to study a little more but I ended up sleeping because of tiredness from yesterday (I'll report about the concert event later <3)

Ah by the way,


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Don't ask
I was chatting on msn with Naccho when she suddenly told me that she was about to accidentally draw boobs on Spain.
And I did this.

hot spain

Figure out the translation yourself.

hot romano

By the way I'm reading a weird manga with talking penises and I'm acutally enjoying it. WTF

these were crearly rushed. Pointless entry, sorry.
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Cut my hair Y/N?
New profile picture~ because the old one was temporary and a little bit weird too (+lame colors).
Even tho if I decide to cut my hair short in June this one will also last shortly.
The weather it's so hot and it's gonna become hotter and hotter in these week and I totally can't stand it.
I want to go living in a cold place in Scandinavia OTL

I hope that cutting my hair will help me feel less hot. I'm still not sure about it since I don't cut it short since I was 6 (at that time I cut it myself for the lulz and made a disaster.). Of course, I cut it plenty of times of several inches but it grows back so fastly! OTL
This is a decision I should have taken a lot of time ago. A lot of people are saying that I might look cuter and I believe them.
Still. I'll miss my long hair

They will surely grow back fast though LOL.

Argh I should have done an Hard-study afternoon but I did nothing cos I feel awful. I'll tell my teacher I can't take Literature for an higher grade tomorrow and I'm sure she won't understand OTL at least I hope she gives me another chance.

I don't have any sketch or doodle or photo to post atm. Sorry, boring entry :<
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Eurovision 2009
alexander rybak

NORWAY WINS! Alexander Rybak pic for great justice.
He's such a cutie.

I hoped it would win but I dind't think it was going to get the incredible result of 3 hundreds+ points.
At a certain point I started thinking "k it's clear he's gonna win now give some points to the other nations".
I cheered for Iceland's second place and even if there was a lot of competition with Turkey and Azerbaijan it got the second place with the very last vote! (thanks to Norway)

I'm disappointed that Romania, Lithuania Sweden and Germany got in the last places, their songs were nice (lol @ miss kiss kiss bang), but I'm glad that Estonia, Denmark and Greece got a good middle position.

I hope there will be more partecipants next year

lol and thinking I only got interested in Eurovision yesterday.
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I'm such a time waster
I should have studied for tomorrow's Maths today or at least finish some coloring/skecthes but I slept from 3 pm till 8 pm /facepalm

I dunno if I'm gonna take Maths now since I haven't studied that much, but I wanted to care about this matter as soon as possible.. now I have to wait for next week.

About my hospital check, it was allright. Looks like I have lost very little weight ahah but I'm sure I gained it back eating pizza fritta at lunch.
This is the last year I go to paediatrics repart, I'll feel a little nostalgic when I'll have to go to the adult's doctors in six months.
What surprised me was the doctress making me a lot of compliments for growing up healthy. They looked so glad and said they did a good work on me all these years since I never gave serious problems.
After, I asked my mother if it was rare to have a patient with congenital hypothyroidism in good health and she told me I'm actually the only one.
I kinda never bothered about this matter and lived a completely normal life, just now I'm realizing how serious the matter could have been and why I'm taking medicines from when I was 18 days old.

I was so lucky.

The bad thing is that they say I need to meet psycologists again and THATS BAD ijsijdsf long story.

Too bad my Maths teacher will never be moved by this story, that woman is the devil ''OTL

At least shes's not as cold-hearted as Chem.


pirates - chibi lucas

Now I'm gonna get soem milk before going to sleep, g'night <3
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I want to draw em so bad. Though I have to finish the picture for blogmusic first (the coloring is almost over thankfully but ir's kinda plain) and I want to start collabs too..
Regardelss of this, I was doing that style meme before. /head desk

And today I proved again that I'm totally helpless with watercolors..
they are so
so wet.

I'll show you if the result can be looked at without brain damage

Pirates lame sketches in the meantime

More ship boy Rich

il mozzo1

+ msn blant Lucas sketch

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I feel so tired!

/insert pointless story

It all started when a classmate asked me to draw the invite for her 18th birthday. She wanted no complicated thing so I accepted.
It's true that I've been procastinating for a log time over it, even if I had the base sketch but today during class the most of the girls were gathered chatting about dresses and waxing (lol) and the birthday. They suddenly called me and asked about the invite.
I felt kinda uneasy having all those accusing stares on me, no, in truth, it was freakish. I tried to come up with some exuses like "I had no time ..& you know, Physics.." but I didn't sound convinced.
It's not the girl herself but the other ones. Another girl claimed "you should tell us if you won't do it, so we'll get organized" with a very not nice fake tone.
They asked me if I could do it by tomorrow and I replied that I could. "Ah, so you can eh?".

I mean, girl, your birthday is freaking 6 June there's freaking time.

They invite came out kinda good I think. I hope they will like and not criticize for once.
It's the glory of pinkish and girlish and sugary whoa


So yeah now I feel really stressed and I need porn
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I want my weekend back
I never thought my weekend would have gone by so fastly! I didn't even get the chance to rest a little, that from tomorrow I'll have to start studying a lot again.

About my Physics, well.. was good, but not as good as I expected. I though my teacher was going to ask me bitchy questions, so I studied a lot of past topics. In the end, what i didn't know was in my program (the only part I missed) /head desk
I had worked so hard.. she admitted that at least.
Now she wants to hear us again, and the day it's Thursday, but I have my annual hospital check-up so I can't go. I'm sorry to give so much trouble to my group OTL
I should bring a summary on radioactivity for them tomorrow but I haven't written it yet. I hope they will forgive me.

Next week problem are: Maths, Chem, + Physics

Also, I have an English test on Tuesday but that's gonna be fine anyway.
I should start writing the ghost story tho

I hope I can start working on my drawing to-do-list soon. And have time to draw pirates too. ARH

ship boy

Possible pirate Rich quick sketch. It's so easy to think about this kind of AU stories I wish I was able to be a little bit more original /shame
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In deep sh*t
Tomorrow is the day! I hope I can pass Physics with a good grade.

I was really disappointed since the test I though came out good went very bad. Now I have to get preapare to pass Maths next week /head desk

On a side note, I just found out that Chem assigned a whole new chapter yesterday and I'm a probable victim of interrogation OTL

I hate you scientific high school.

I still have to repeat all my work for tomorrow.. but I feel so sleepy, wait

I still have to study the whole waves chapter. WTF I can't wait for tomorrow to end
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I'm DEAD. I've been studying Physics since I woke up at 11 am, today I had to go to school later than usual but I've skipped it to have more time to spend learning about atoms and radioactivity "OTL
I think I was about to gave up in the afternoon and I unconsciously fell asleep for about an hour.
I finished working on the .pps file we had to make at midnight.. I never thought it would take so much time, it's been a pain.
I can't wait for Saturday to come, so I'll be free to draw as much as I want, I WANT TO DRAW JIDKGFIJP

Heck, the bad thing is that tomorrow it's Maths and Chem and I don't have a clue about the two of them. I'll hide myself in a corner and hope they won't ask me a thing.

btw, I slided on a carpet and fell yesterday (lol nothing new). I cut my forehead a little, it's just a slight scratch and I put a plaser on it, so it's allright. It kinda bothers me tho.


Bendage is cute. Again, I want to draw.
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Studying what
Two days left and I still haven't studied decently. I keep saying "tomorrow" OTL

So, wip, because I dunno

more sleep tiem
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I philosophize, therefore I am
I got back a while ago from the second and last meeting of school journal. The project was really disappointing, the teacher was just another authoritary douchebag and he wanted to assign everyone an artile to edit. Lucky I got to write something on my own because we suggested an article on the infamous Philosophy Olympics.
I was a group article but I kinda wrote everything, trying to ask for opinion to let everybody work, unssuccesfully. In the end we put all our names on it, even if my classmates were just doing nothing or criticizing without helping OTL
Oh dear, let school be over soon.

The fun part was interviewing the two who won/got 4th placed. I also asked my sempai about help with terms and a last review, and we made a little bit fun of teachers in the article/interview. I just hope the old douchebad won't cut those parts, but I'm very positive he will, dammit.
At least I hope he will put this little sketch I drew super fast before going to school


It's the ones who won~ This came out even better than what I expected, even if I rushed it a little. And look~ my writing is understandable!
I didn't have time to sign it tho (I did it now with an unwilling tablet) so eveyone will probably think it was some random googled picture orz

Now I should go and learn Physics but I'm tempted to waste my life on imageboards.
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I want you bed
What's wrong with you FC2 not letting me log in.
and now tell me why there are the same things on both the colums of the template, I can't even change it manually since I dunno about css OTL

Second day of my hard-study week, fìnished. Actual study: Latin, somewhat thanks to a friend; Physics, very much none.
I feel like I should be a little more responsible.

I'll leave here old sketches of Kazuki from Get Backers since I can't scan or find anything on my pc interesting enough to post :<


Ahh I should finish to watch this series.. sometimes orz
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Oh hi thar
Oh hi thar. My second try with FC2 was successful!
let's say i just put a little more effort in it orz

I always wanted to have a sketch/photoblog ;v; *moved*

I hope I can spam the blog with lots of entries, FC2 is still a little bit complicated for me to understand, but hopefully I will get it right in the end.

Let's start in an awesome way then, PIZZAAAA~

oh hi I are delicious pizza, come and eat me~

It is homemade so it's kinda different from the usual thin pizza, but it's very tasty anyway. Expecially when it's still hot and soft <33

I'm gonna have a really hard week for tests and final works, I have some troubles in organizing things and I'm way too carefree (I haven't studied for tomorrow because of club activities OTL). I hope I'll still be alive by Saturday's afternoon.

Otherwise, may you all know I loved you
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Is a mysterious being ★
And shy-


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