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Little Big Town
Reporting about my day in Rome! We organized a day out between classmates, but with some friends working, some busy or ill, or stuck because of the snow, and some missing the train this morning, it ended up being only 6 us (and one was actually a friend's bro).

We had a very nice day though! The weather was surprisingly nice and sunny, and we walked around the city calmly but we did a lot of things.


Our first stop was a new opened toys store called Little Big Town. I wasn't actually very impressed by the toys (nothing classy or vintage, not a very large choice - just a lot of pricey gadgets from famous brands or tv shows..) but the store's internal design and themed atmosphere was pretty cool! Here are some pictures, then,

The store is on three floors, this is the hall and entrance to upper floor.

This is the promotion poster, it was all around Rome since a couple of months. I wonder who designed the mascottes! They're cute, and kind of look like Heartless..

Mascotte's statue and plushies coming out of the wall.


Mechanic polar bears! They moved and stuff ♥ and a huge peluche one (there was a few!).

After it, we went to another part of the city to visit a really big comic store. When we got out of the metro, we noticed they installed a skating rink. I've never been ice-skaring, so I want to try it so hard! I'll ask if someone wants to come with me next time I visit Rome ♥


Then I met this and fell in love. I want one for myself too.


Now I'll ask someone to dress up as Santa Batman and deliver presents for me on Christmas. If Batman and Robin could be the one delivering presents, I'd be the best Christmas eve--/shot


ISN'T THIS ADORABLE? An Impulse action figure, my day has been made once again.


Rome it's a really nice place to hang around with friends and go shopping, even if there's a very violent student protest going on these days, I could feel a bit of a xmas-ish atmosphere. We carefully avoided the very center of the city because it could have been dangerous.
However, when we was about to get home, they told us there was a bomb on the metro line we had to take, so we got pretty scared!
In the end, nothing happened and we got to the main station safely, but I've read the news and the bomb was actually found... OTL

And that's pretty much it. Sorry for not posting any new drawings, drawing in train is also getting harder since trains shake a lot when they move.

See you soon!
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Pict memo log
After struggling for two days, I finally got a account! (registration was impossible... twitter saved me in the end).

You can access from it by the blog sidebar, or just click here.

I don't have much time to rable now, it's pretty late and I'm going out with my classmates tomorrow, in Rome. I'll take many pictures!
Good night!

Oh and- this was made for bookmarks requested by one of my school's teachers before our exams. I'll post them soon, I forgot to do it earlier! (exams was a busy time!).

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Surprise party
I had quite a busy day today, but not because of my birthday.. I had to undergo some medical exams, do the shopping, take driving classes and it held me outdoors for about the whole day. In the evening Nel and I went to buy bento lunchboxes for this weekend's convention and had some fun in the local comic shop with the nerdy guys who are always there.
I planned to celebrate tonight, just me and my sister. We prepared dinner but my parents showed up and decided to ruin our fun.

I got very down at that point, and left. Later Nel joined me to look for recipes for bentos, but since japanese cooking is quite complicated and we don't have the ingredients, we resolved with cooking something simple and more western to put in it lol

By the way, that's what we had for dinner.

In the late evening I was still very depressed and I didn't feel like doing a thing.. so I went downstairs and found the kitchen's light turned off, but many ornaments hanging on the furniture. Nel made up a surprise party for me by herself..
I was so moved ♥

She made a ice-cream cake for me and sang "Happy Birthday" and had me blow on a candle.

When we removed the candle and the decorations on the cake I drew a duck on it with whipped cream.

It felt so nostalgic.. but I'm happy I was able to spend my birthday with my sister. I could say she's my closest and most liable friend (even if she's still naive sometimes) ♥

She's also the funniest.

So she's the only one I'm really thankful to in my irl days.

Now I'll go to our room because she's waiting for me to have her help me wear nail polish (something I never wear) just to make her happy lol ♥♥
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Troll friday part 2
I forgot to write something in the last post so here's part 2! It's about the stuff I got from my friends huhu ~


Max paperchild from Yuu ♥ He stands on his own and isn't he so adorable uhh ( ´∀`)


These are from Mimi ~ she made Austria and Hungary for a con last year. I don't know who made the Green one, but it's really cute.


Glac got this for me as a souvenir in Germany. It's super pretty.. and actually quite small so the amount of details on it is amazing. Since it has a magnet on his back, I put in my (very-crowded) whiteboard. And it works perfectly too.. it was about 12 a.m. when I took this pic.

I cherish them all so much ♥

Oh and some other pages in the guest part of my old moleskine were filled by Milla and Yuu ~


I can't help but smile each time I see them~~

This is, instead, what I made respectively for Mimi's and Glac's birthdays. I rushed them so I'm sorry I couldn't do better OTL

baan2.jpg kaito2.jpg

I think this is all! I'm happy I'm going to meet Mimi, Glac, Psamathes and other friends again in next week's con ♥
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Troll friday
Sorry reporting about this just now because I had a troublesome week! On Friday the 10th of this month, I went to Rome to meet Milla, Yuu, Psamathes (it was my first time meeting them irl!), Glacmer and Mimi. We spend the day around the city, went to a video arcade and played Dance Dance Revolution (it was my first time trying it and.. I fail at it in a epic way), ate at a Chinese-Japanese restaurant and then hanged out in a Termini cafè. I had to leave earlier because there was only one train home for me.. sigh

Our time together was full of epicness, but the most entertaining thing we did was trolling those big panels in Termini's station. They're the kind where you can freely write and where tourists often leave messages.
We drew stupid stuff all over it LMAO
This is just what Mimi took pictures of:


This was a message to a friend of ours I wrote but I'm not the one responsible for the chibies lol

Glac doodled this 5-meters Gilbert. Actually Yuu drew a really cool manry naked one abut apparently my friend didn't take a picture of it..

Oh and when we were at the cafè we doodle stuff on each other sketchbooks, but my sketchbook got mostly trolled by them

Sorry for the poor quality pict OTL

Oh and I also switched DA account. You can find me on Duckieroll from now on ~
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