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Romix 2010 part 2
Sorry for the delay! I was still waiting for a friend's pics but she never sent them to me in the end OTL

Here are the most relevant pictures from the last convention! Some pics are from Glac and Aniki.

Let's start from the Riyoko Ikeda interview on Saturday. Glac took these pictures~
This is the Versailles no Bara themed musical they gave for her. I didn't have the chance to see it but they told me it was very beautiful and heartbreaking,


Then here's a picture of her!

romix14.jpg romix03.jpg
She's truly beautiful, and doesn't look old at all!

Another very funny and new fact about this year was that some funny guys very going around shouting "CONGA!" and having people join them for a human-train.


A music-themed magazine had some clean paper walls to draw upon, and they offered a free copy of the new issue if you drew something on it. The wall was almost clean when we found it. OF COURSE, we didn't think about it twice and, as good serial trolls as we are already, we trolled it good.

These were done by Glac~ a chibi of herself on the right and a Horito Lopez on the left. When I went back to the wall later in the afteroon, I found someone had colored Glac's hair blue lol.

THE SHOUJO FACE OF DOOM. It was there before and me and aniki drew a Motonari and a Chosukabe on its sides to not have it feel ronery. (the very gay Chousukabe is my fault, of course).

And an awkwardly-drawn Max. And my arm. And the wonderful pink-colored marker I picked.

Now time for some gorgeous cosplays!

Sailor Moon's Luna.

Kazu from Air Gear (he's my favorite character he he) he was going around in roller-blades and I met him more than once hurr ^ q ^


A human-sized Chocobo!

I'M A BANANA- NO I MEAN HE IS-- and I just noticed the creepy hairy dude behind him.



And Pacman~

And now a very gorgeous Nero cosplayer.. I don't know how he even menaged to enter the gate with that huge demon-thing. His clothes were extremely detailed and well-done (he's wearing actual leather) he also had intense blue eye-lenses that made him very IMPRESSING.


And now a special mention for the Inazuma group that was there on Sunday~ (they were there on Saturday too, but they were cosplaying Air Gear then).
He's a pic of the six of them! They were really nice, can't wait to meet them again in next convention!


And a solo pic of Fubuki because Glac literally had a boner for him- We were pretty shocked when we heard he was just 15! (all of the other member are over-20)


Here's pic of us together~

Nel is the Inazuma Japan Tachimukai, Mimi's Fideo and well.. you can guess who that Max is lmao

Here's a better picture of Tachimukai~

And the Jesus waiting for us at the gate when we left the con on Sunday.

There was a very pretty sunset on that day~ I was delighted at the sight ♥

So.. that's all for this convention. I have a big one in about two weeks, I'm getting so excited this year.
Because next con is going to have a better landscape, our cosplay pictures will look a lot better and I'm waiting for then to post them.


For now, you can have this ♥
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Romix 2010 part 1
I've been to a big convention last weekend and got back yesterday~
Although it wasn't like the previous years, and we were feeling a bit down for the changes they've made and the people that were missing, I had fun. I got to meet some online friends and I got to know new people too.. so in the end, it was worth it.

I also had the chance so see Riyoko Ikeda! She looks like she's a wonderful and very interesting person, the things she said in her interview were very inspiring~
I actually didn't listen to the whole interview and didn't see the Versailles no Bara musical they gave for her because I spent my time with a friend on Saturday afternoon.

It was nice to have people recognize me in cosplay and ask for pictures (I was so flattered.. it's probably because it's the first time I cosplay a character I really like aww). There was also a group of mostly MALE Inazuma cosplayers (yeah) and we became friends. They were nice~ and we're gonna meet again in the next convention!

Sunday was a bit of a messy day.. too many people came and the transports weren't enough, the lines to enter were also very long OTL (we also got there late because we went to Mimi's house before). Getting back home was even a lot messier.. the train was too full. We got home around 10:30 pm.

I want to collect all the pictures we made before posting them, I'm gonna write a second post about Romix as soon as I get them from Glacmer.

As for now, I can only show what I got from this con, not much stuff since I'm not really interested in what they sell, I just get what looks interesting~


A Gauche Suede keychain~ I was surprised to find something from Letter Bee! Too bad there was no Zazie or Jiggy Pepper, I would like to have them too.


A duck that can be hanged on mirrors/glass! I couldn't help it, it was too cute ♥


These badges were huge and very cheap! And they're design is cool~
I got them from a stand of a new friend who's a great artist and who's drawing BL manga for a publishing company.

And that's all I got! Cosplay and other pictures are coming in the next post~

Oh and since I haven't be dumping much art lately, this is something I sketches on the train on my way home yesterday:

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27th of Septemer
...came so early this year! Or maybe it's just this year that has been very bust and stressing that made me so improductive about art.

But now that I have no reason to be worried anymore, I'll just try to be as productive as I can, and be a much better artist!

Here's something I want to work on in the upcoming days~


I spent today tidying up my room, I took all of my school textbooks left to the attic and made space for my sketchbooks and art supplies to come ♥ I can't wait to start school now.
I helped my sister with her homeworks and then we worked on our cosplay, we spent about 6 hours on Max's hat (most of them spent discussing how we had to make it LMAO). She did most of the work because she's a lot more skilled than me (the few parts I made look-- derp lol ;; ) and I'm so thankful ♥ It's finally done!
Some preview is up on my twitpic, but I'm gonna take some good pics tomorrow and post them here.

Oh and here's what I got for my birthday! Winterish Converse sneakers.
I don't have any shoes for winter other than my worn out rain boots, so I needed them anyway lol


They're pretty sporty, but they're cool.
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Back from the prize cerimony
Today I went to this year regional Philosophy Olympics congress and prize giving cerimony. I got placed 5th for English/Philosophy in my school, so I didn't partecipate in the regionals like last year (which is awesome since it means less studying and worrying).
Since the congress got pretty boring at a certain point and my tummy was empty I took a walk outside and went to a good place to eat yummy Neapolitan food where I also ate the previous year. I had a delicious pizza fritta take-away and walked until Plebiscito square.
On my way back I stopped at a kids' store out of curiousity and look at what I got!


A new duckie! This is my first spongy one ♥ AND IT HAS CHEEKS

Oh and I also sketched stuff on my moleskine.


French is there to remember me what a real manry man must be.
Also never drawing fanart + no reference = makes them look different from what they are supposed to look like.

Mh.. the guy that sat next to me constantly peeked at me drawing and after a while he asked me a few questions about what comics I was inspired and made some comments about my style. It was a funny coincidence since I have been tormenting myself with that topic since last evening.
He then wanted me to draw a rose for him and insisted in leaving a dedication on my moleskine. Then he left.
It was a pretty weird meeting, but it kinda made me feel easier about drawing..

I feel more confident now. As it helped me understand myself better.
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New tablet!
I went throught a lot fo trouble to but it yesterday OTL It was ranining heavily and, following the map from Google I went to a place I had never been before, and found out it wasn't the place I was looking for! (apparentely it had the same name, so Google maps isn't to blame ;;) Since the actual place was very far, I decided to try to looking in another shop that was sort of nearer. Thankfully they had it! (they also had the Intuos4 orz;;)
I walked a lot and got all soaked, but I now have a tablet /satisfaction


Well ain't it cool! I had some troubles installing it but it works fine now, and I can use it without problems.

To celebrate it and get me used faster to it, we hold a pchat yesterday!
Glac and me ended up drawing this, to wish everyone a happy valentine..


Cute boy love ♥

Then we made it prettier



I think I'll now go sink in my science book. BRB.
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