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The weather is being totally fine these days. Last night, I was even able to wear a long-sleeved pijama. To think about how hot it was a week ago, this is such a dream ~
I've been sleeping until late morning these days. It's been a long time I haven't slept so much and so fully.. I really felt tired.
Because of exams I was always getting up early and in a jump. Now my low-blood pressure is making me feel confused in the morning, but somehow, it's a nice feeling I hadn't felt in a long while.


By the way, that Garfield pijama shirt it's my mother's. That's why it fits me so large lol ;;
but I love it~ It's one of the favorite vintage clothes I have in my wardrobe

I was also glad to hear that the temperature in Paris are quite low compared to here, and hopefully they will remain like that for a while.

That's because I'll leave for Paris on Monday ~

I can't wait! It's been 9 years I haven't been in that city. I wonder if it's changed. I can't really remember it though, I was really young back then eheh
I will also hopefully meet Kiwishu and hang around in the Louvre with her ♥
I won't be able to be online then, but I'll come back in Italy on the 8th, at my aunt's place in Sanremo.
When I'll be there I'll take the chance to rest and write on the blog! I'm looking forward to it.
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praise pierokun for my titles
I survived last week with an average in theoric Maths.. I should be happy but I think it could have been better (too many thing to remember OTL). I'm really good at exercises tho! I hope I we can have a test soon so I can actually take a better grade.

This weekend I'm going to attend a con here and the rovery Yuumei and Glacmer are coming over to my place! I'm so excided ;;
I can't wait for it and I'm sure it's gonna be awesome, since there's a lot of people I know coming. I really hope we can menage to be all together, even if it's a little difficult. I'm not sure if I'm going to cosplay though.. I still have my Yui cosplay (even if I lack the gitah now OTL), but I really wanted A MAX HAT. I hope I can find the time to make one myself this week.

BTW I'm working on a secret project which I'm really grateful to can partecipate into, since everyone in it is so godly. Somehow it pressures me a little.
Some preview sketch of one of the characters-


I'm still squeezing my brain for plot ideas.

Going to sleep and read a bit more of a little novel book I found today, Voltaire's Le Blanc et le Noir. When I'm done with this I'll probably start some Philophy classic, maybe something from Nietsche or Kierkegaard. I want to be able to read a lot before my finals orz
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I feel gray
I'm so glad we got to February, last month was pretty unlucky SOB
I'm still left with no tablet or mobile.. I've called the Wacom service several times, including today's, and the situation is still very confused. I'll call again tomorrow OTL
For the mobile, I have to wait at least 15.. /depressed

The absence of the tablet is worse than what I imagined.. I tried to work a lot on traditional but I got to nothing in the end, I even ruined one of my wips because I suck 1000 times at copics.
Maybe it's because it's been a pretty hard on me lately. I've been working my ass off in school and I can't say the results for this term are, after all, all that satisfactory. Furthermore, the getting near of the exams is giving everyone an immense pressure.
I still don't know about all of my grades, except for English, Italian and Latin (which are very high), and Maths and Physics (still kinda low).
I really wish to reach the 8.1 average at the end of the year, and finish school in a satisfactory way.

I still don't know what university I'm going to attend after..
Everyone is expecting me to decide, but I am just very confused. My parents have clearly asked me to set aside drawing for a while and concentrate on studying.. but that only makes me upset.
Even so, I'm not going to draw for today, but I'm going to concentrate on Physics and other subjects OTL;;

I feel defeated..

Because of being so busy lately, I got myself a daily planner. It's very.. plain.


I doodle a little Gil for Saint Gilbert (tomorrow). Maybe I should add some stickers all over it to make it more colorful SOB
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It's the fisrt year make a picture for Halloween ;;
I always have good intentions of making festivity-related but I often always end up forgetting, not having time or procastinating.
I'll trying working harder from now on.

Full picture is on my DA, anyway.

Also I'll be leaving on Friday morning . It's that time of the year *u*
Biggest con in Italy!
I'll be away until Tuesday.

I hope I can finish everything I gotta do before leaving tomorrow.. I don't believe I really can ;___;
My Yui cosplay is still unfinished sob
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So yeah, I did it again.
They should sue me for abandonment.

I'm too tired to speak about news and stuff, and kind of tired in general. Most important recent things are that I drew again for that magazine (this time it was about an article on omosexuals and homophoby lol).

(yeah yeah I know they look like Lud and Fran)

I kind of interpretated it in my own way, since they didn't give me much info. I feel so very awkward about working for them, I'm afraid they would dislike my work and that makes me anxious. I got to do a caricatural work for next issue.. and that's totally new to me.
I also have a bunch of lots of work I have been ignoring all the time now (and I deserve to be shoot down for that).

And my id for pixiv (where I'll probably never ever post stuff)


it says "I don't understand japanese"... I guess.
I'll just keep lurking.

Now to stuff myself in the bed. It's hella cold.

Gonna chance layout maybe.
This one is quite nice, but I feel like a changing is needed
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