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Ahh I even had a layout change and didn't make a post.. I've actually been very.. absent, lately.
I don't really want to ramble, but there have been a lot of things that made my life harder, I feel pressured and because of some jerks I can't even feel better when I'm in class.. and it's been all so frustrating.

Hopefully I will be strong enough to overcome all of it, I'm still worried about a lot things and I can't help but feel so impotent because of the recent events.

A friend has been cheering me up a bit, and we started discussing about making a RP group with a superheroes theme. We had never really rped before though, and we had no idea or experience with starting this kind of thing, and that's why we were probably going for a small private RP group. However someone has recently started a RP with the same theme on Tumblr, so I thought it could be a good idea to just join that one-
So I finished designing the character I previously had in mind, and here he is

I defined a lot more about his bio, but my handwriting is already tiny and horrible, so I'm probably going to explain more about him with little comics or stuff.
I have to say it was REALLY HARD to make him look like a little boy. Yeah. That's what comic school has done to me.
I imagined him as a kid, but in his first design he looked a older


So well, apparently I can't draw anything other than MANRY MEN NOW /karma

I already have another character in mind, I'm going to draw her soon!
I can't wait for my friend to define her character too, I have only tried rping once and it was kind of a failure, so I'm pretty excited about this!
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30 day drawing challenge - Day 1&2
Oh no, I'm not dead, I've just been terribly busy and too lazy to update any web places related to Duckie recently.
I've spent a very nice NYE and I've been working a lot for school, by the way, but I've also had a very hard time with other things.. I've, well, lost some.. thing that was very close and important to me, and I had to take a driving exam that I've royally screwed up, and other stuff.
To keep me motivated to post on the internet, I've decided to finally take the 30 days drawing challenge. I'll be posting Day 1 & 2 together because they are well.. kinda related.


Oh and I later realized February has only 28 days. I'll try doing the last two days anyway.

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I wanted to feel the Halloween mood so much this year.. but the atmosphere is just not the right one. I keep being busy and having absurdly tiring days (especially thanks to the public transports here ........ OTL ;;;; ), and I'm also having the yearly con I usually attend to in a couple of days so.. my Halloween is going to be pretty much about anime, manga and cosplay LOL;;

I came back tired today that I couldn't keep up doing my homeworks until late.. so I ended up quickly doodling and then coloring this intead:


It's a very creepy Max in an Halloween setting ~

I don't think I'll be able to update tomorrow (thing to get ready for leaving and homeworks to finish), I'll be back on the 3rd but then my busy schedule will be even worse.. (that kind of makes me depressed about leaving orz).
See you when circumstances are easier for me!
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Small dump
Homeworks are literelly killing me.. and it's just been two weeks of school. They're going to be a lot more once we start working "seriously" and.. I'm pretty scared. I know I have to endure it if I want to get better tho, so I better hold on.

I menaged to finish the homeworks I had for tomorrow tho! It was a very painful job drawing all those creepy skeletons.. but I guess they made a good Halloween atmosphere? lol

Dumping something I menaged to draw regardless of homeworks, like this quickie for Spirit Day.

The first thing that came up in my mind when I had to draw something related to purple was Mitsunari. Maybe it's because I'm in a Basara mood lately. And I just love these two so bad ♥

I was also just working on a wip from September, it's going to be a pretty big thing compared to my usual stuff so.. I wonder when I'll finish it with my limited amount of time.


This is about 1/3 of the whole pic lol

Oh and I don't remember when I sketched this, but I gotta be a few weeks ago.. I think. I doodled a lot of child Lucas then, I'm probably going to dump them next time though.

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Ajisai project
Today I started thinking seriously about going back to work on this project of mine, and thanks to a friend who gave me tips for building a plot, I made up my mind about some things.

I want to still keep everything a secret until I come up with a decent storyline (at the moment my situation is disastrous). I created the main characters back in April, but redrawing them now makes them look completely different. I guess my style has developed.. but I'm currently undergoing a crisis (for short: I can't draw).

However, I can't call it a preview, but here's still a doodle of one of the characters.


He looks way older than when I drew him the first time lol. I wonder if someone can actually recognize him.
And that is all for this update. I might update soon with more info, or sketches (maybe).
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