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More wippsss
Ok I've been pretty busy with school - and I've also been very lazy about posting, so that shall be remedied (someday I'll also post all the homework I've been doing for school - it's impossible to scan them because they're mostly on A3+ sheets, and I'll have to take pictures).

So here's some wips I have been working on from time to time (when I was not hanging around with my buddies trolling Rome).

You should have already seen this one - I made a.. little progress but with this you can see what the whole picture will look like:


Aaand this one is a practice for both digital painting and perspective. Actually it's my first time painting on one layer - up until now I've only done it on pchats and takamin is.. very different from Sai lol. But somehow it's incredibly relaxing to paint on only one layer!
I wish my coloring wouldn't look that much flat though. It's still not finished so I'll hope the outcome will look better.


Oh and if someone remembers the background I had on twitter until a few months, I made a new one that matches. This time it's green, I really like this shade of color ~

Soo - now I'll start working a new thing /is shot
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kjhgfkjdgf I HATE REALISTIC PORTRAITS of old politic faggots.
That's mainly what I've been drawing for th magazine lately.

It's getting pretty hard, not only since they give me only one micro-sized reference, but it also really bothers me to spend my time like this OTL

Moving on, my tablet's pen broke and I'm still waiting for a new one.
I've been trying working on traditional, but with the amount of homeworks I have I hardly have time to organize my thoughts. I lost some kinda important school documents and still have to find them.

Also something I've been trying to work on:


<-- Check Bon's blog because it's totally amazing ♥
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Oh god
I'm very sick OTL

My cold has worsened and it's hard for me to do everything.
Today was the dealine for next month's issue drawing, but since the vice director didn't confirm the work (they just said they wanted some samples) I gave up on it since I can't get myself to concentrate.
I am all stuffed in sweaters and scarfs but I still feel cold, and my nose hurts. My mother and sister wanted to give me medicine but I refused (I'm pretty stubborn on this topic orz) and just took fruit and something hot.
To make it better, my pc is suffering just like me. It still has the same old problems, and yesterday I got very afraid I could have lost my files. I did the back-up over again but I think that until I don't get a new hard disk the problems will persist.

There has been a good thing today though. I found a cute new tamplate to edit and it will probably soon be ready~
Here's the wip for the new header


I sketched this all fastly and started lining it with my hands all freezed. I'm stopping now to go to bed and rest.
Since I gotta go to school tomorrow.

Night sweeties.
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Studying what
Two days left and I still haven't studied decently. I keep saying "tomorrow" OTL

So, wip, because I dunno

more sleep tiem
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