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Sleepless night
Something scary happened last night. My stomach hurt a little in the evening, but then it went back to normal and I thought I was alright.. but during the night, the pain woke me up and it was killing me. It felt like my body was split in half and I couldn't move at all. I asked my sister to wake up my parents and they decided to take me to the hospital.
I was frightened it might have been an appendicitis, or some other dangerous illness that could get me hospitalized SOB
In the emergency department they made some tests and took samples of blood, but couldn't find any inflammation. In the meanwhile they gave me a I.V. of a pain killer medicine and said that I should make some other tests and go back to the hospital if the pain come back again.
I was back home at 6 am and wanted to go to school.. but that stuff they gave me knocked me down in bed.
So I skipped school for today.. I'm sure my Maths teacher must have done something new and that I'll have to do it by myself OTL

Now I feel a lot better, I'm just really sleepy.
I want to go and draw something..
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I feel better than this morning but.. now it's my head that is a mess.
I wish I was able to keep my ideas clear so that I would understand when I really want.
But it seems like the more I think, the more I get confused.

At the moment I feel really.. "boh".

Me and Drawr really are not BFF. I just can't seem to draw anything good on there.


I'll practice.
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I did actually die
Updating after a month and half of hiatus from pretty much the whole internet OTL
March has been an absurdely busy month. I had to survive extra classes from 5pm to 8pm three times a week for a philosophy course that literally killed my brain. I also had school to attend, tests and work to complete.. I soon got sleep deprived and spent the first half of April resting and keeping studying for my Maths test last week.
I succeded in it and was so happy! But I have kinda been passing out this week. Thankfully school it's not that heavy now that my classroom is on a trip to Wien (which I skipped since I've already been there this summer).

Now, I think I really did die after all. I have the bad habit to not look at myself in the mirror when I go out for school in the early morning. I have been feeling weird the whole time, my stomach felt unwell as if my guts had twisted and it gave me quite some pain.
When I came back from there my mom pointed out that I had two shadows of an unhealthy purple shade under my eyes.
I went to look at myself and I actually resembled a corpse.


I had a two hours nap but it resulted in me waking up very disoriented. My stomach is still in a mess but at least the eye sockets have faded a little.

Maybe I am stressing myself a little bit too much.
I am also sort of depressed about the fact that I haven't been drawing as freely as once. I also haven't CGed or done any kind of complete picture since the beginning of the year.. so I can't add anything to my portfolio.

By the way, I am currently working on my first website! The html is giving me some trouble but it will be hopefully be complete soon.
The hardest part about it was choosing a title, I couldn't find one I liked OTL
Maybe it was also because I didn't have a clear idea about the site at first. Some days ago I remembered about this old project called no sound: STEEL CITY and decided to finally call it that.
Here is a sketch for a possible top picture. It is actually a remake of a very old sketch for the same project.

nosound sketch

It's just the concept so the lines are very messy and unrefined. I have just been doing a lot of incomplete concepts recently..
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