Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
I just finished washing the dishes. Tonigh we had spaghetti!
It's the first time I cook them by myself.


They actually tasted good~
I need to learn how to cook properly if I want to move out in September~
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Moar food
Today we had guest for lunch and my mother cooked lots of the delicious things.
I was interested in only one thing though..



There are commonly called orecchiette con le cime di rapa, a typical pugliese recipe. They have delicious sausage and brassica rapa in it ♥

I ate two dishes of it so I was full, but I found some space at the end for the dessert.

Sweets from the patisserie ♥

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Plain omelette ♥

I like to play around with yummy food.
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Back to life
My cold got a lot better now~
I went to school today, even if i had some troubles with the subjects I didn't know about because of my absence yesterday OTL Later it also rained a lot, but thankfully I brought the umbrella with me ;u;
School is being very boring, I wish I had a week of vacations before leaving, on next friday.

Waiting for me at home there was A LOT of pizza! /happy
My mom made Pizza with scarola, margherita pizza, calzone, and one of my sister's new creations (that contains wurst and cream.. I swear, it looks hella weird but has a good taste).

Here is a picture I took of pizza with scarola (curly endive), it's one of my very favourites ♥


I couldn't take pictures of the other ones because they were already finished when I took the camera ;;; (we're an hungry family lol;;)

And now I'm off to finish the top banner and my work for the magazine (it looks liek there's still time!).

I'll live a picture of a colour pencil drawing I made for Jun (I'll send it when I find some calm time to write her a letter).


It's my ideal winter outfit ♥
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Pasta :ç
I'm gonna go to school tomorrow, but later, as if I was skipping. These are the very last days so there isn't much we could do in class anyway.

I need to tell my Maths teacher I can't make her subject's program since my printer broke down D:
I hope she understands.
She'll probably think i'm too lazy / I don't know what we have actually studied this year /head desk

btw I've been tryng to sketch this weekend and I menaged to start some drawings~ I hope I can finish them soon, I really want to draw a lot this summer

I also pchatted with Billie today and had an amusing picture/doujin flood. She made my inner passiòn for Spain/Romano burn again :Q


I now want to draw something on them~ but I have to finish many things + pirates stuff I forgot ;v;



due fessi

Don't try to understand what's written, it's absurd. It's a quick sketch, so you may as well not try to understand my stickmenz.
It's based off a friend's dream, but I'd rather see HER draw it it's yer dream darling, and she never shows me her cool works /despair

Also somebody billies requested some food pictures a long time ago, so here what I ate for lunch today
Well.. it's basically pasta with ham and some kind of cream.. but it's very tasty :>

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