Den grimme Ælling
cαғέ вℓσg
It just rained! The air feels so nice now ~
And the sky is blue!

I wish everyday was like this until the end of summer.
I love summer storms.
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Gonna die sob
I have an incredible amount of things to do this week, and the ones that will follow. If I menage to get some time, I might list them. I don't think that, between studying and drawing for commissions I will save some time to have a social life sob
That makes me quite sad since I won't be able to sketch much on Tegaki and on my new sketchbook.

Copia di P2220006

Ain't it cute? It makes me want to doodle all over it. A friend brought it for me from Disneyland, together with the pen. It made me so happy :,,))
I was actually looking for a new sketchbook in which I could draw and take notes about original characters/stories, to keep them organized.

Here's some doodle WIP.. not that interesting at all, but I don't have other material to post atm :(


I hope I will have the chance to write again soon OTL
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Piece of cake
To apologize for long absence, in the last weeks I have:
- worked her ass off on Maths, and ended up doing horrible in the test
- hurt her leg muscles and stayed in bed for three days OTL
- got stuck on Air Gear hurr
- had moar homeworks
- had afternoon activies at school for the whole last week
- went to stay at Glacmer's place for the weekend ♥

..and I'm now in troubles with Physics homeworks.
Seriously, even if I menage to understand the textbook, the amount of info I should know is impossible to handle with my weak memory SOB
I have a major examination on Thrusday and I'M DEEPLY SCARED.
I'm afraid that the best I can do isn't even enough for an average result (like in Maths).
Thinking about the things I have to study for the upcoming year, I feel like I wanna die.
On top of that I have English test tomorrow ;;;

So, I stayed at Glacmer's ;u; she and her family are so nice! I had an heavenly time ♥♥
We walked around the city, had shopping, I ate at the chinese's for the first time in my life lol and we drew stuff. She's so cuddly( >∀<)


Here's some cheesecake we had on Saturday ♥

Now I'm not gonna have holidays till Xmas, when I'll be staying at my aunt's in North-West Italy.
I wanna finish all my drawings and xams gifts soon ;A;
But to do so, I must succeed in this week examination!

I don't know if I'll menage to upload often, so here's a sketch I made some days ago.
I'm probably not gonna complete it tho, no time..

Careful. It's naughty.
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I wish my health was better
I wish my head was better
I wish the weather was colder
I wish my thought weren't this heavy
I wish I could draw what I want, when I want, without being bonded
I wish I could get over this sadness of mine
I wish I could talk to my friends, and not only speak to them

I miss him.


Something doodled before going to bed.
SAI is acting weird.
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Looong story I made short
Today I found out that the illusts I had to make for a magazine must be done by tomorrow night! OTL
I don't think I've ever spoken about this, but last december, last day before vacations, one of my school teachers (the son of my Bio ex-teacher) accidentally saw some of my drawing and told me if I was interested in drawing for a magazine. I had holidays after that and we barely never met in school, so I though they had forgot about me (I met the teacher again one or two times.. and reminded him LOL)
However last day of school, before summer vacation, he invited me to one of the meeting the magazine people have (I did my best to go there even if I had a bday party right after it OTL; I was unlucky the whole time). At that time, I had to show some my artworks to the director too, and he looked like he wasn't so convinced (it was mainly for the anime-syle I think, the magazine appers to be serious bussiness a very serious political one). The journalist were very nice tho, I though it would have been great to work with them (even if I don't write). After that, more than a month passed, and when I started thinking they had given up on the idea, I get a call and they tell me they want some illust for travelling articles.
I was very surprised, and quite pleased it also was about travelling <3

I didn't think it had to be ready for tomorrow tho! OTL Thankfully I email my teacher last night so I found out.
I don't know if they will be ok with chibi-style, but this was my idea. I hope the sketch I sent him now is fine.


ahaha megane <3

I wonder if they will decide to have more illustration for the next issues.. I'd be really happy to keep drawing for them (it looks like a get some money too *u*/ /shot)

EVEN SO. This makes me 10x busier. I planned on finishing a sample for when I will start commissions and I couldn't. Futhermore, I still have to do trades, collabs and a doujin collab with Billies OTL

So I promised no more procastinating or lurking till the end of summer. I hope I will be able to keep my oath sob

Sorry if my posts will eventually be very short from now on..
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