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Playing around with heroes
Ahh I even had a layout change and didn't make a post.. I've actually been very.. absent, lately.
I don't really want to ramble, but there have been a lot of things that made my life harder, I feel pressured and because of some jerks I can't even feel better when I'm in class.. and it's been all so frustrating.

Hopefully I will be strong enough to overcome all of it, I'm still worried about a lot things and I can't help but feel so impotent because of the recent events.

A friend has been cheering me up a bit, and we started discussing about making a RP group with a superheroes theme. We had never really rped before though, and we had no idea or experience with starting this kind of thing, and that's why we were probably going for a small private RP group. However someone has recently started a RP with the same theme on Tumblr, so I thought it could be a good idea to just join that one-
So I finished designing the character I previously had in mind, and here he is

I defined a lot more about his bio, but my handwriting is already tiny and horrible, so I'm probably going to explain more about him with little comics or stuff.
I have to say it was REALLY HARD to make him look like a little boy. Yeah. That's what comic school has done to me.
I imagined him as a kid, but in his first design he looked a older


So well, apparently I can't draw anything other than MANRY MEN NOW /karma

I already have another character in mind, I'm going to draw her soon!
I can't wait for my friend to define her character too, I have only tried rping once and it was kind of a failure, so I'm pretty excited about this!
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30 day drawing challenge - Day 1&2
Oh no, I'm not dead, I've just been terribly busy and too lazy to update any web places related to Duckie recently.
I've spent a very nice NYE and I've been working a lot for school, by the way, but I've also had a very hard time with other things.. I've, well, lost some.. thing that was very close and important to me, and I had to take a driving exam that I've royally screwed up, and other stuff.
To keep me motivated to post on the internet, I've decided to finally take the 30 days drawing challenge. I'll be posting Day 1 & 2 together because they are well.. kinda related.


Oh and I later realized February has only 28 days. I'll try doing the last two days anyway.

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Little Big Town
Reporting about my day in Rome! We organized a day out between classmates, but with some friends working, some busy or ill, or stuck because of the snow, and some missing the train this morning, it ended up being only 6 us (and one was actually a friend's bro).

We had a very nice day though! The weather was surprisingly nice and sunny, and we walked around the city calmly but we did a lot of things.


Our first stop was a new opened toys store called Little Big Town. I wasn't actually very impressed by the toys (nothing classy or vintage, not a very large choice - just a lot of pricey gadgets from famous brands or tv shows..) but the store's internal design and themed atmosphere was pretty cool! Here are some pictures, then,

The store is on three floors, this is the hall and entrance to upper floor.

This is the promotion poster, it was all around Rome since a couple of months. I wonder who designed the mascottes! They're cute, and kind of look like Heartless..

Mascotte's statue and plushies coming out of the wall.


Mechanic polar bears! They moved and stuff ♥ and a huge peluche one (there was a few!).

After it, we went to another part of the city to visit a really big comic store. When we got out of the metro, we noticed they installed a skating rink. I've never been ice-skaring, so I want to try it so hard! I'll ask if someone wants to come with me next time I visit Rome ♥


Then I met this and fell in love. I want one for myself too.


Now I'll ask someone to dress up as Santa Batman and deliver presents for me on Christmas. If Batman and Robin could be the one delivering presents, I'd be the best Christmas eve--/shot


ISN'T THIS ADORABLE? An Impulse action figure, my day has been made once again.


Rome it's a really nice place to hang around with friends and go shopping, even if there's a very violent student protest going on these days, I could feel a bit of a xmas-ish atmosphere. We carefully avoided the very center of the city because it could have been dangerous.
However, when we was about to get home, they told us there was a bomb on the metro line we had to take, so we got pretty scared!
In the end, nothing happened and we got to the main station safely, but I've read the news and the bomb was actually found... OTL

And that's pretty much it. Sorry for not posting any new drawings, drawing in train is also getting harder since trains shake a lot when they move.

See you soon!
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Pict memo log
After struggling for two days, I finally got a account! (registration was impossible... twitter saved me in the end).

You can access from it by the blog sidebar, or just click here.

I don't have much time to rable now, it's pretty late and I'm going out with my classmates tomorrow, in Rome. I'll take many pictures!
Good night!

Oh and- this was made for bookmarks requested by one of my school's teachers before our exams. I'll post them soon, I forgot to do it earlier! (exams was a busy time!).

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Just my luck
..again. Irony kills me whenever I make a prediction.
If it's a good prediction things will end up totally the opposite.
If it's a bad prediction, they can usually end up even worse.

bad day

However I had my great class. It was very inspiring and instructive!
Sorry for not updating lately.. I always mean to, but as you see, I'm having a really hard time.
This is going to be my last week of school for this year. The Xmas homework will eat me up.
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